NOCH: as in original in the original is the program of the specialist for model landscaping. The aim is to recreate things that exist in large scale as authentically as possible in small.

Model landscaping with all the senses

In model landscaping, the aim is to involve all the senses. So not only the visual aspect for the observer, but also the haptic aspect when tinkering and building. There are all kinds of materials that are necessary for terrain construction. And hearing also plays an important role.

Noch model landscaping railroad
Noch like an original model landscape construction

There are a few examples of this on the stand at the Spielwarenmesse 2020. One example is the wedding march out of the church when the bride and groom walk out of the small chapel. When building models, it is always important to place the figures in such a way that you can literally experience the situation. Another example is alphorn players in front of a small wood. Or dogs barking behind a fence.

Noch model Spielwarenmesse 2020 Nuremberg
Noch model building Wedding party with wedding march
Noch model building alphorn players with sound

Everything from a single source for model landscaping

At Noch you get all the elements you need for the respective model building scene. Whether lawn, hedge, church or the figures for the wedding party - here you get everything from a single source. Customers are also offered mountains, trees and much more. The aim is to enable the model builder to bring the railroad to life. After all, the railroad should live and that is of course always the goal of the model railroader. Things that you can then proudly present to your family or friends.

Trade fair appearance Noch model building authentic railroad world
Noch model building Station with figures
Interview Noch model building Spielwarenmesse 2020
Noch model building Thomas Schroeder Spielwarenmesse 2020