Carrera Go: Paw Patrol car racing track

Paw Patrol is hardly missing in any child's room. Fans of Carrera GO don't have to do without it either. The popular car racing track is also available with Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol is a real hit in children's rooms. In the pre-school sector, it has been one of THE licenses in the toy industry in recent years. The Carrera First car racing track license has been a real highlight in recent years.

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Carrera GO car racing track Paw Patrol

Carrera GO car racing track: Paw Patrol

Now there is also the Carrera GO car racing track with Paw Patrol license. The target group is aged 6 and over. With more than 10,000,000 systems sold in recent years, the GO car racetrack is the most successful racetrack system in the Carrera range. The new Paw Patrol "Ready, Race, Rescue" car racing track is designed to inspire kids once again. Success seems pre-programmed here. Carrera is sure that Chase and Marshall will ensure a successful outcome.

Paw Patrol Carrera RC Highway Ready Race Rescue
Stefan Krings Managing Director Carrera Stadlbauer