GEOMAG: Magnetic recycling building blocks

GEOMAG has building blocks that are magnetic. This is fun and you can build great things with them - but the special thing is that they are made from recycled plastic: The building blocks are made of recycled plastic. Find out more in the Messe.TV video! We talk to "Bob the Builder" from Geomag, who has built a big bear out of magnetic building blocks. It is on display at the Geomag stand at the Spielwarenmesse 2020. It took him about 3 hours. Playing during working hours - not a bad job.

Geomag Baer magnetic blocks
Geomag magnetic blocks

Magnetic plastic cubes for building

The Geomag cubes are magnetic on each side - but why the slogan "playing together for a healthy planet" when the building blocks are made of plastic? It took 2 years to find suppliers of recycled plastic that met the quality requirement.

Geomag Interview MesseTV Spielwarenmesse 2020
Geomag blocks magnetic creative childrens game

Magnetic building blocks made from recycled material

With recycled material, you often don't know what exactly is in it - but for toys, you need a safety certificate for the material from the supplier, as strict requirements have to be met. Of course, no toxic substances are allowed to end up in the toy. So it took a while, but now it's done. Some of the plastic is from consumers in Germany. Overall, the cubes are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Geomag building blocks recycled plastic
Geomag magnetic blocks made of recycled plastic