Hubelino: ball track

The Hubelino marble run is popular with children. The really good thing about it is that the marble run elements are also compatible with other building blocks such as Lego.

Marble run for grown-up children too

You're never too old for the fascination of a marble run. That's why Hubelino recommends buying the marble runs: For children under the age of 100. It can happen that the parents play more with the marble run than the children. It can happen that the parents continue building under the Christmas tree when the children are already in bed.

Hubelino ball track build and play
Hubelino ball track for children and adults

Special feature of the Hubelino marble run

The special feature is that the marble run elements are also compatible with other building blocks. This means that you can also use the marble run system with Lego, for example. After all, many people already have a box of building blocks at home and could use them in combination with these marble run elements to build a marble run.

Hubelino ball track build with other building blocks
Hubelino ball track elements compatible with Lego building blocks

Spaceship marble run and much more

There are no limits to the imagination here. You can also add the yellow Hubelino marble run channels to an existing building block spaceship, a pirate island or a knight's castle and you have a themed marble run. So there are many different ways to play and the components can be used in the playroom for a long time.