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Zotty bear is back! Zotty is a Steiff teddy bear with a long tradition. More than 50 years ago, Peter Hotz - now Managing Director of Steiff Beteiligungs GmbH - received Zotty as a gift. At the Spielwarenmesse 2019, he presents the new edition for collectors.

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Steiff Zotty bear review

The teddy bear by Peter Hotz - great-great-grandnephew of Margarete Steiff

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are with the Steiff company. The brand that everyone knows and is familiar with. Mr. Hotz is standing next to me. A veteran of the Steiff brand, how come? Peter Hotz: Not a veteran, but the great-great-great-nephew of Margarete Steiff and current Managing Director of Steiff Beteiligungsgesellschaft. When you say great-grandnephew, the Zotty Teddy bear, which has been around since the 1950s, fits in well. I received it as a child after modeling for the company back then. We have it again in a limited edition of 969 pieces in our range.

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Steiff plush bear Zotty Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
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Zotty Bear - Limited edition: only 969 collectible bears

Petra Michelle Nérette: May I hold him? Zotty has a good weight! Peter Hotz: And Peter Zotty comes with this frame. It shows me as a model at the time. The picture was taken in 1972, and Zotty is pictured again in the background. The collector gets this - because it's a collector's bear - with it. The photo is reminiscent of the Steiff family. This series will be expanded over the next few years to include other members of the family. Petra Michelle Nérette: A really good model, I would say! Peter Hotz: I was a bit younger back then.

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