Pustefix soap bubbles: Bubblegator

Everyone knows the bear with the soap bubbles from Pustefix - but what new things can you make? Managing Director Frank W. Hein shows us at the Spielwarenmesse 2019!

Pustefix Bubblegator bear Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg
Pustefix Bubblegator crocodile Spielwarenmesse

Pustefix Bubblegator: Crocodile grabs soap bubbles

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are here at Pustefix! The highlight of my childhood. The bubbles have been on the market for 70 years. What is your highlight? Frank W. Hein: We have a new product. It's the Pustefix Bubblegator. I'm sure you've all seen how much fun children have blowing bubbles. But they have just as much fun breaking the bubbles again. Let me show you how it works. This is the Bubblegator. It's actually a relatively old game. You press it and it snaps. It's the highlight of this year's toy fair. You are welcome to try it out for yourself. The Pustefix bubbles are like the tires from Easter to October. They are popular when you can be outside, during outdoor activities.

Pustefix Bubbelix bubbles
Pustefix MesseTV interview Frank Hein

A bunny that makes soap bubbles as a special for Easter

For the start of this year's Easter season, there is an Easter special from Pustefix. This is the Easter bunny with a special Easter design layout. A nice Easter present and a real alternative to the chocolate Easter bunny that belongs in every nest, we say. Petra Michelle Nérette: How does it work? Frank W. Hein: You fill the liquid into the bowl. Dip the blowing ring into it and then squeeze the air out of the bunny. The air from the rabbit replaces the bubbles. So don't suck in the liquid, otherwise you'll just make a big mess.

Pustefix new Bubblegator crocodile snaps bubbles Spielwarenmesse 2019
Pustefix bubble classic Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg