Hossidesign: Morning-management

Good morning management with children saves getting loud in the morning - how does that work? We ask the developer of children's morning management at Hossidesign at the Spielwarenmesse 2019.

Hossidesign Heiko Juergens Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg
time scheduling in the morning with children Hossidesign Spielwarenmesse 2019

Better time planning with children in the morning

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are with the company Hossidesign. What is the new product here, the new product highlight? Heiko Jürgens: I have created a new product from the everyday life of a family. Morning management. What needs to be done when in the morning? When do I need to brush my teeth? When do the shoes have to be put on? The classic early morning struggle. And from this, a prototype has grown of how I can show my daughter - without having to constantly admonish her - how I manage the morning. This product 'Lenchen' was created from this background. Children work with their adult parents to plan what needs to be done in the morning and divide up the corresponding cakes.

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time scheduling morning with children Hossidesign

Morning timer: More harmony, fewer loud announcements?

The morning timer only has the minute display, and this shows what you have to do in sync with the real time. I don't have to keep reminding the children to "do this" and "do that", just tell them to look at the clock as much or as little as possible. The prototype works very well in our home and today we are showing the product at a trade fair for the first time. Petra Michelle Nérette: Very nice, I would even use it for myself! Heiko Jürgens: Yes, some adults might need it too!