Steiff: National Geographic

Wild animals at Steiff - what's it all about? We asked at the toy fair and found out that Steiff has a cooperation with National Geographic.

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Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg Steiff National Geographic

Wild animals from Steiff in cooperation with National Geographic

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are at the Steiff company. There are lots of wild animals sitting, lying and standing in the background! What's that all about? Dirk Petermann: Welcome to Steiff! This year we have an important partnership with National Geographic and the photographer Joel Sartore, who has been campaigning for endangered animal species in his photographs for many years. We have used Joel Sartore's photo archives. Nine of our characters are depicted in the exhibition, which we will be selling from this year. It is important for us to support Joel Sartore's scientific project.

National Geographic plush toy Steiff
National Geographic plush toys monkey Steiff

Buy a Steiff cuddly toy and support wild animals

Petra Michelle Nérette: Great, so every purchase supports his charitable project? Dirk Petermann: That's right. We are very happy to do that too. Joel Sartore says that only what people love is really important to them and they protect it. It's the same with the Steiff animals. They are also a matter of the heart and remain in people's hearts forever. That's why this partnership is more than just a simple partnership for us. It is an affair of the heart.

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National Geographic cooperation Steiff

Steiff wild animal collection to cuddle

Petra Michelle Nérette: Which animal has captured your heart? Dirk Petermann: My heart is very personally set on the gibbon monkey. This is a primate from Asia that is highly endangered. We have created a very lifelike representation of it in our 48 cm form. It will definitely have a very special place in my home.

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Petra Michelle Nérette: Very nice. Maybe I'll get the monkey too! Dirk Petermann: I would be delighted, maybe another animal from the collection too!