Höllinger: HoRutsch slide

Classic slides take up a lot of space - not so with HoRutsch. Here, the classic easel/ladder in the household simply becomes a slide. Quick to set up and quick to dismantle - we had the product demonstrated to us at the Spielwarenmesse 2019.

HoRutsch slide Hoellinger Spielwarenmesse 2019
MesseTV interview HoRutsch Gerhard Hoellinger Spielwarenmesse 2019

The ladder / easel becomes a slide

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are here at the Höllinger company. It's actually known for organic drinks. But there's a slide here. Next to me is Gerhard. Where do the toys come from? Gerhard Höllinger: We produce in Austria. The idea has been around for 18 years. Back then, I built it for my children. And then I told all sorts of people that it could be marketed. And nobody was interested, so I decided to make it myself.

HoRutsch space saving slide Hoellinger
HoRutsch wooden board with mounting device for ladder

Simply hook the slide into the ladder

Petra Michelle Nérette: How does it work? I have to buy a ladder with a slide on it? Gerhard Höllinger: Ideally, you already have the ladder. Every household actually has this ladder with four or three steps. You don't have to buy one separately. The idea is to attach the slide to the ladder. I can show you what that looks like. You lift up the step, take out the loop and hang the metal brackets out of the ladder. The ladder actually fits into the slide and doesn't take up much space. When the grandchildren arrive, for example, you have a toy for them. It's actually quite easy to put back together again. Simply hook it in, then you can set it up and it's ready to slide down.

HoRutsch wooden slide Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
slide in ladder hanging HoRutsch

Slide quick to set up & quick to stow away

Petra Michelle Nérette: Like your other products - drinks in this case - is it organic? Gerhard Höllinger: Yes, the wood is FSC certified. The slide is treated with child-friendly varnish. It's food-safe, you can even eat it. Petra Michelle Nérette: I really like it, thank you very much for the explanation.

wooden slide for children HoRutsch
HoRutsch slide in combination with ladder Hoellinger