Games for children and adults - Toy Fair 2019 Nuremberg

There's something to celebrate at the Spielwarenmesse 2019: 70 years of Spielwarenmesse! Once again this year, decision-makers from the toy industry will meet at the Nuremberg fair to discover trends and new products. On Messe.TV you can find out which games and products will make it into the games retail trade next year. Join us on our tour through the exhibition halls and get exciting insights!

Soft toys to cuddle and play with

Whether as a gift for young or older children - cuddly toys are always a good choice. And there are quite a few adults who collect selected, high-quality cuddly toys. The selection at the Spielwarenmesse is enormous. We show you a small selection in our videos and the picture gallery for the Spielwarenmesse 2019.

Products for babies and toddlers

Only trade visitors are allowed at the Spielwarenmesse, which many end consumers really regret. Here at the leading trade fair for toys, there really are great products for every age group to discover. Of course, there is also a large selection of articles for babies and toddlers.

Games for children and adults

Games for children, games for adults and games for the whole family. The range is broad and extends from active games with physical exercise, types of games with educational value to challenging strategy games that get our gray cells going. A game can be so many things. Entertainment, learning aid, mental exercise or simply fun!

Remote-controlled vehicles + racetrack with CamCar

Technical games are also popular with kids. And it's not uncommon for the child in a man to be awakened when it comes to remote-controlled vehicles. Car races are particularly popular here. One highlight is racing cars with CamCar, where you can experience the ride directly from the driver's perspective via VR glasses.

Dress up: Costumes for children and adults

Playing is also possible without toys. Anyone who wants to can simply slip into a different role. This works wonderfully with a disguise. That's why costumes are particularly popular. Preferably from role models and your own heroes. There are costumes for boys, girls, women and men - if you want, you can even dress up your dog as a superhero.