Showtime: Rubies Costume fashion show

Showtime brings a breath of fresh air to the toy fair! We took a look at the Rubie's costume fashion show at the Spielwarenmesse 2019. Life was breathed into the costumes on the catwalk.

catwalk Rubies costumes Spielwarenmesse 2019
costume presentation Rubies showtime model Spielwarenmesse 2019

Costumes for carnival, parties and festivals

Petra Michelle Nérette: So that you can experience costumes once, we'll take a look. Now it's showtime. The catwalk is ready. We are looking forward to Rubie's. Manuela Pfeifer: The best highlight, which we have staged the most, is the Hippie Festival or the festival theme in general. To show that you can wear it very well at a carnival. It is also suitable for festivals that take place during the year.

Rubies deer costumes showtime
deer costume Showtime Rubies

Showtime stage with costume catwalk

Deadpool is a big theme for the boys. We also saw the Jedi Deadpool on the catwalk. This is particularly a theme that the boys like to take with them to slip into the role of Deadpool. What we see in Showtime is Jofrika, our make-up model. We have a professional make-up artist with us at the toy fair who creates elaborate make-up using Jofrika make-up. In this case, it's the cactus. He is made up extremely professionally with glitter and glamor. But also with our wash-up make-up across our Jofrika range. We are very proud of this.

Rubies showtime Manuela Pfeifer Spielwarenmesse 2019
Rubies showtime Avengers costume
Rubies showtime Aladdin costume
Rubies showtime cactus costume
Rubies costumes showtime Spielwarenmesse 2019
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