Carrera RC: Red Bull helicopter

Carrera RC also has something to offer in the air at the Spielwarenmesse 2019. Managing Director Andreas Stadlbauer is visibly proud of the helicopter with Red Bull license and advanced technology!

helicopter remote controlled CarreraRC Andreas Stadlbauer Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg
Helicopter remote controlled in the air CarreraRC

Remote-controlled helicopter with Red Bull license

Petra Michelle Nérette: I saw a helicopter in the background that was almost in the air. Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes exactly, we are particularly proud of that. A very innovative product. A helicopter including special sensor technology. The whole thing is licensed by Red Bull. An absolute power product that we are convinced will be well received by the target group.

helicopter remote controlled CarreraRC novelty Spielwarenmesse
MesseTV interview at Carrera RC Andreas Stadlbauer

Petra Michelle Nérette: It certainly looks good. I am thrilled. It makes you wonder where we're going next year. Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes, like with the helicopter. Always upwards. Petra Michelle Nérette: Yes, very nice. Higher, further, faster!