Steiff: Einstein bear

A bear with a sweeping hairstyle and magnificent beard growth? Introducing: The Einstein bear from Steiff. We had a look at the funny bear with the Albert Einstein look at the Spielwarenmesse 2019!

Einstein bear theory of relativity Steiff
MesseTV contribution Steiff bear Einstein

A bear that looks like Albert Einstein

Petra Michelle Nérette: This Steiff bear stands out because of its hair. And I wonder what it's all about? Dirk Petermann: We are of course very proud to have Einstein here on the stand at the International Toy Fair. But it's not just to do with his haircut, but above all with his 140th birthday. He was born in Ulm. Albert Einstein, the inventor of the theory of relativity. Ulm is very close to Steiff's home town of Giengen. The relationship between Ulm, Giengen and Einstein prompted us to give him and his anniversary a very special treat with his fantastic haircut.

Steiff Einstein teddy bear jubilee Dirk Petermann Spielwarenmesse 2019
Einstein bear Steiff Spielwarenmesse

Steiff teddy bear for the anniversary of Albert Einstein

Petra Michelle Nérette: He looks great. And we've incorporated his formula into the bottom of his foot. That means children are learning at the same time! Dirk Petermann: Absolutely, anyone who finds out about the formula on social media and the internet today will of course learn a bit more about our Einstein. That's important to Steiff. Staying in touch with the product for longer and giving children a little incentive to discover more and more.

Steiff teddies Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
teddy bears Steiff Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

Petra Michelle Nérette: Great, the bear looks good on me too! Dirk Petermann: The haircut is perfect!