Slimy: Dough Genius

What can the intelligent putty from Slimy do? We have Knete Genius explained and demonstrated at the Spielwarenmesse 2019!

Spielwarenmesse Interview Roman Walcher Slimy modelling clay
Slimy intelligent plasticine capable of jumping

Intelligent putty: Bounces like a rubber ball

Petra Michelle Nérette: This modeling clay is a bit heavier, apart from the fact that it is also nice and shiny. What is it good for? Roman Walcher: Our Slimy modeling clay - Knete Genius in this case - is similar to the other Slimy clay, very child-friendly. In addition to the classic functional modeling clay that can bounce, it is a toy that goes into the creative area. It can be shaped and formed. That's what makes Genius putty so special.

original Slimy Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
Slimy in many variations Spielwarenmesse

Plasticine from Slimy: knead, shape, break, bounce

Roman Walcher: It has many different properties. That means you can knead the mass, you can break it. When you put the mass back into the tin, you can see how it melts again. They shimmer, they glow in the dark and we have gold masses. Our masses are primarily structured according to a system. In addition to the Galaxy or Antimateria range, we are also moving in the direction of color change.

Slimy intelligent knead genius
Slimy intelligent modelling clay with Glitter