Carrera Digital: Camcar VR glasses

Experience racing with Camcar from the driver's perspective - Carrera Digital makes it possible with VR glasses. At the Spielwarenmesse 2019, Andreas Stadlbauer showed us what's new.

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Racing with a driver's perspective

Petra Michelle Nérette: The famous Carrera track is every child's dream. We know the racetrack. What is new and innovative here? Andreas Stadlbauer: We're showing the Camcar 2.0 at the toy fair. We already presented it at the fair last year. Ready and waiting. Then came the new data protection regulation and we had to adapt the new vehicle to the guidelines and regulations. You can see that very clearly. This was the vehicle we showed at the trade fair last year. We used the time to go through all the official channels and were able to tidy up the vehicle. You can see it very nicely. High-tech in every respect.

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Youtube videos of your own RC car race

Why are we doing the Camcar? We have learned from our end users that they make a lot of movies, put them on Youtube, do social media activities and share Carrera adventures. With this Camcar, the consumer has the opportunity to make Carrera movies and experience the whole thing from the Carrera driver's point of view. The speed of over 650 km/h scale speed can be experienced first-hand. This can be transferred to any smart device or VR glasses, so you can really feel the speed. Experiencing 600 km/h - you don't always have the opportunity to do that. Petra Michelle Nérette: Almost never!

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