Ludwig Köppen: Penta Ludea

In our search for a great game, we also came across an impressive story at Ludwig Köppen! Find out more about the game Penta Ludea and the situation from which it originated.

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Penta Ludea Ludwig Luise Koeppen Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

Penta Ludea - a strategy game with history

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are here with the game designer Ludwig Köppen, who invented the game Penta Ludea. But with a very serious background. We have Ludwig and his mother Luise here and we're about to find out how the game came about and how to play it. Luise Köppen: The game originated from a very sad background. Ludwig had a serious accident. He was in a coma for 6 months and we tried to animate him, also with games. Apparently, he absorbed more than we expected at the time or than you could see from the outside.

Penta Ludea MesseTV interview Ludwig Koeppen Spielwarenmesse 2019

Accident with coma: therapy game for occupational therapy

After he was discharged from hospital after 2 years, this game was created as a result after 6 years. It is basically an extension of "Four wins". The game is much more complex. Simply explained, in Penta Ludea you have to line up 5 balls in a row. Either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For those for whom this is too simple, there is also the circle. On top of that, every winning position is valid on every floor. If that's not enough for you, you can form a spiral or a snail. This is really difficult, the cracks do it. You can only do this once you have mastered the former.

Strategy game for 2-3 people

Petra Michelle Nérette: The game is for 2 people? Ludwig Köppen: Yes, the game is for 2 or 3 players. That would be white, black and blue. It goes in turns, clockwise. Luise Köppen: Exactly. One player starts and then the balls are placed in a clockwise direction. The balls may not be changed afterwards. The rule is touch - lead. That actually explains the whole rule of the game. Petra Michelle Nérette: I think it's great, it really appeals to me. I loved "Four Wins". I'd play it straight away. There's a book next to the game!

Penta Ludea strategy game from Ludwig Koeppen

"Four wins" was yesterday's "Five wins 3D"

Luise Köppen: Yes, that came about parallel to the game, because Ludwig managed to come back to life against all predictions. Basically, he really had no chance at all. I actually wrote it for the people to whom a similar or even the same catastrophe happens, because I always had the feeling that he would make it. That these people have the courage to keep going. Maybe even with the help of a game like this. To encourage the patient they have in front of them.

Hope & courage for the environment of coma patients

Petra Michelle Nérette: May I see it once? That means it may also have a supportive effect on other families who have the same experience. So that you can experience something of the feelings and build up strength. Luise Köppen: Right, that they continue to have hope. So much depends on hope, it's the most important thing we have in life.