Hansa: Hand puppets

For most people, Hanse stands for realistic store decorations - but at the Spielwarenmesse 2019 there is an incredible hand puppet that we couldn't just walk past.

realistic stuffed animal bear Hansa Creation
realistic stuffed animals deer ice bear Hansa

Realistic animal hand puppets

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are at Hansa Creation and there is a small animal next to me. I wondered what it was! It looks so real. Angelique Uitenbroek: It's not a real animal. It's a hand puppet!

realistic stuffed animals wild animals Hansa Creation
realistic stuffed animals hand puppet Hansa Spielwarenmese 2019

Animals that come to life with your hand

Petra Michelle Nérette: But it looks very real! It's very well made. What highlights and new product innovations do you have at the fair? Angelique Uitenbroek: We have hand puppets and dinosaurs. We have meerkats and reindeer. Petra Michelle Nérette: The reindeer are relatively large, where do they go? Angelique Uitenbroek: As decoration for garden or shopping centers. Petra Michelle Nérette: And then there are the hand puppets for the others. We can then take them with us! Yes, that's right.

MesseTV interview Angelique Uitenbruek Hansa Creation Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg
meerkat authentic stuffed animal Hansa Creation