Rubie's: Marvel costumes

Marvel costumes are very popular with fans. Rubie's has the license for the Marvel costumes. We had Rubie's show us the new products at the 2019 Spielwarenmesse.

fair novelty Avengers costumes Rubies
Rubies Avengers costumes Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg

Marvel Avengers costumes for the whole family

Petra Michelle Nérette: As a huge Marvel fan, I've just discovered the costumes! What else do you offer? Manuela Pfeifer: We offer a lot from Marvel because we've had this license for several years. A lot of new films have been released under the Marvel name in recent years. The characters that are here and others appear in them. We have Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and even the Spider as a dog. We are very happy about that. Because they struggled a bit in Germany at first. Things have developed really well over the last two years.

Rubies Avengers costume dog
Avengers Captain America Rubies costume

Petra Michelle Nérette: That means we have costumes for the whole family and even the dog can wear a Marvel costume. Manuela Pfeifer: Right down to the dog. That's right!

Rubies Hulk costume
Iron Man Avengers Rubies costume