Fluffy and Hybrid

Slimy is well known to most people. But what new products will the manufacturer of the slippery mass be showing at the Spielwarenmesse 2019? Our presenter takes a look.

Slimy fluffy kneading fun
Slimy with odor fair novelty toys Spielwarenmesse 2019

Slimys from fluffy to stretchy to liquid

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are here with Slimy. We know that from our childhood. What are you focusing on at this trade fair, what is your highlight? Roman Walcher: One highlight is definitely Fluffy. This putty is very soft and fluffy. It has a buttery soft and light surface. It offers a very special kneading ability for children to play with.

Slimy toy report Spielwarenmesse 2019
Slimy modeling clay extreme extensible plasticine

Slim masses also with an olfactory experience

Petra Michelle Nérette: And it smells good too. Did you add different fragrances? Roman Walcher: That's right. An essential additional element to the haptic things is that these masses smell. Petra Michelle Nérette: What materials are the modeling clay made of? You present different ones, do they all have the same ingredients? Roman Walcher: Essentially, most slimy masses are made from natural ingredients. Namely guar. Guar is a special bean that is specially treated and refined, and water. Safe fun is guaranteed.

Slimy fluffy plasticine Spielwarenmesse 2019
Slimy Roman Walcher Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg

Slimy based on the guar bean

Petra Michelle Nérette: So if you accidentally swallow a piece of the mixture, it doesn't matter? Roman Walcher: No problem at all. Petra Michelle Nérette: I'll have to take another look, that's amazing. Roman Walcher: I'd love to, I can show you. This is our most liquid Slime. This is the Hydro Slime. It's the most liquid and at the same time the most solid slime on the market. You can scoop it back out by hand. We also have extremely firm slimes. This is a super stretchy slime. These are slimes that are extremely stretchy and extremely firm.

MesseTV Slimy report Spielwarenmesse 2019

Durability: service life of a Slimy

Petra Michelle Nérette: How long does something like that last? Roman Walcher: Once opened, it keeps a little. The products naturally contain water. It's important to close them well after playing and put them back in the cup. A good tip is also to play with clean hands. Then they will last a very long time.