dekdek: Anti-aggression children

Children have aggression too - but what to do with it? At dekdek, there are great tools for releasing energy in the form of a soft sword or punching bag. We visited them at the Spielwarenmesse 2019!

trade fair appearance DekDek Spielwarenmesse 2019 Nuremberg
soft sword anti aggression games children from DekDek

DekDek: Soft sword and children's punching bag

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are with the company dekdek. What does this company do and what is the highlight of this trade fair? Katrin will explain that to us now! Katrin Klaue: We develop play furniture and anti-aggression toys. The idea came from our children, of course, who have power and want to act out their feelings. We designed the products for them because they are not actually allowed to do that. We said that they could.

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Anti-aggression toys for children

This is the punching bag Rocky and Roxane. You can box them and cuddle with them afterwards. With the soft sword, the child can stay sporty and not hurt themselves because they are flexible. That's the idea behind it.

anti aggression games for children DekDek
anti aggression games for kids DekDek

This is so well received because every family knows the problem of children having aggression and anger. So they can act it out freely. It's fun and everyone is happy at the end.

DekDek anti aggression games children Spielwarenmesse
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