Carrera RC: Super Mario Scooter

The Super Mario Scooter from Carrera RC is a favorite among trade fair visitors. We had Andreas Stadlbauer show us the scooter with Super Mario at the Spielwarenmesse 2019.

CarreraRC Supermario scooter Andreas Stadlbauer Spielwarenmesse 2019 MesseTV report
CarreraRC remote controlled Supermario scooter Spielwarenmesse

Remote-controlled Super Mario scooter

Petra Michelle Nérette: What other highlights do we have here today? Andreas Stadlbauer: I saw how your eyes flashed at the word Super Mario earlier. I have it there, of course. Super Mario on the scooter. It can be controlled with RC. Super Mario action can now be experienced at home in the living room or, of course, outdoors.

CarreraRC novelty supermario scooter Spielwarenmesse 2019
CarreraRC Supermario scooter remote controlled

Petra Michelle Nérette: I'll take him in my hand. He's super light and he's sitting on a Vespa. Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes, the Italian plumber is no heavyweight!

Super Mario Roller remote controlled Carrera RC
Carrera RC cars Super Mario