Hossidesign: Develop games

There are a lot of games, but how are they actually created? We talk to Hossidesign, the inventor and developer of games at the Spielwarenmesse 2019 in Nuremberg.

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Hossidesign: Invent a game? Here's how!

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are with the company Hossidesign. But who is this company and who is behind it? Heiko will now explain that to me. Heiko Jürgens: Hello, yes, of course! I founded the company Hossidesign in memory of my father. His name was Hossi, he was called Hossi. The products all have names that he said to me when I was little. I'm actually inspired by everyday life with our daughter. She gives me ideas, which I then develop for her and actually together with her. She then has to try out the prototypes, which is how we come up with the products.

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Games arise from everyday life with the daughter

Heiko Jürgens: For example, the jumping box. She wanted to play hopscotch, but we didn't have any chalk. So I thought about whether it could be designed differently. The result was this hopscotch principle that you can simply spread out on any floor. One thing led to another.

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