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The company Inocon builds industrial systems for a wide range of industries. At bauma 2016 in Munich, Harald Bartel from Inocon will be showing a machine that can dose fibers. How exactly does it work? Our trade fair TV presenter asked for you.

machine for dosing fibers inocon
MesseTV Interview Harald Bartel Inocon bauma Munich

Machine for automatic dosing of fibers

Messe TV: What is this exciting machine? Harald Bartel: This exciting machine is a development that our customers have brought to us. It is an automatic fiber dosing device for organic or synthetic fibers.

Inocon fiber dosing 1 kg construction machinery fair bauma Munich
Harald Bartel Sales Mixing Systems Foerdertechnik Inocon

Messe TV: That's practically the fibers, isn't it? Harald Bartel: These are the fibers, some of which are 3-8 millimeters and they can be very difficult to handle so that we can dose them automatically. And here we have developed an automatic fiber dosing device. Messe TV: Why don't you show us how it works, we'll probably have to go here? Harald Bartel: We'll have to go here, yes. This fiber dosing system works like this. With a negative movement, i.e. the fibers are put into a container that is practically aconical - extended downwards - so that the fibers can slide downwards. Messe TV: That's 71 kilos of this fiber material here? Harald Bartel: Exactly. Almost 72 kilos.

MesseTV Interview Inocon fiber dosing machine aconic container
Inocon machine dosing fibers

INOCON automatic fiber dosing device

Harald Bartel: Yes, that's what we do. Now I go here - to the "fiber dosage" (taps on the device) in this case we enter 1 kilo, then "OK", here you can enter the "number of cycles" - should it now dose this one kilo only once or twice, or three times? And now when I confirm - the fiber dosing starts. (The white powder fiber falls dosed into a container) Messe TV: And you now swear that this is one kilo? Harald Bartel: That is now 1 kilo plus-minus 30 grams. Messe TV: And how does the machine do that in this area? Harald Bartel: We have an agitator arm down there - yes, you can see it back here in the photo - which rotates and then there is an ejection opening on one side where it always pushes this fiber in. The advantages of this machine are that I have a high dosing capacity and it's pretty accurate. That means I can dose to plus-minus 30 grams, which is mainly suitable for automatic dosing, practically in a batch process. Messe TV: And now tell me a few words about your company that manufactured and developed this! Harald Bartel: Our company is Inocon Industrial Plants, we are an Austrian company, which means we have various divisions. Dry building material plants, conveyor components, conveyor systems and dosing weighing technology. Our company manufactures all the components itself, which means that we have in-house production, which means that the design and production work is very close together, so that we can continue to develop these products here. Messe TV: What will we see from Inocon at the next Bauma? Harald Bartel: We are currently in the development phase of a very large auger discharge floor, but I can't reveal too much about that just yet, we are still in the development phase, but the next bauma in three years' time is sure to come. Messe TV: We are very excited about that, I wish you another successful trade fair. Harald Bartel: Thank you, yes!

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