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The history of FAM Förderanlagen Magdeburg goes back to the 19th century. However, the company not only has a long tradition but also a great deal of expertise - as a manufacturer of conveyor systems, it offers customers customized solutions. At bauma 2016, we ask what this means.

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MesseTV FAM Foerderanlagen Magdeburg bauma

Förderanlagen Magdeburg - Manufacturer of conveyor systems

Felix Rother: Mr. Schneider Förderanlagen Magdeburg is a company with quite a history. What has already happened? What developments have you gone through? Ulrich Schneider: The most significant development was the privatization after reunification, so we were privatized in '93 through a management buyout, which means that members of the company became owners, which is a great advantage for the employees.

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Shiploader Mini Model Foeder Systems Magdeburg bauma Munich

Felix Rother: How exactly do your customers benefit from this? Ulrich Schneider: If we look at this machine, a ship loader that is located in Chile. Of course, it is manufactured in Magdeburg and has to be transported to Chile, and the customer is always interested in short delivery times. We are therefore able to pre-assemble such equipment completely in Germany, load it onto a special ship and then hand it over to the customer fully assembled. The customer therefore saves long assembly times, gets the equipment up and running quickly and can use it quickly. Since 1993, for example, we have built around 30 of these devices worldwide, which of course all look different. Because in ports, the ships look different, the conveyed goods are different, but we are able to implement everything that is needed in terms of engineering, production and assembly. Felix Rother: A machine like this probably costs a lot of money. Who wants to pay for something like that? Who needs one?

FAM model shiploader bauma trade fair munich
MesseTV Interview Ulrich Schneider Director Sales and Marketing FAM bauma

Ship loaders for raw materials such as coal, iron ore and other minerals

Ulrich Schneider: This is what customers who want to sell their goods need, and in particular it's about raw materials such as coal, iron ore and other minerals. Felix Rother: So where do you sell your machines? Ulrich Schneider: We sell them to every continent in the world. In North America, South America, Australia and Asia.

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FAM detail view feeder system fair Munich bauma

Felix Rother: You have already made great progress with this company. Where will it be heading in the near future? Ulrich Schneider: We will continue to develop by streamlining and modernizing our processes, using innovative technology to give our customers more benefits and, of course, to survive ourselves.

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