Weber machine technology: Vibratory rammers and soil compactors

If you need vibratory rammers, vibratory plates or soil compactors, Werber MT is the right place for you. In addition to these core areas, the company also offers rollers and floor cutters. We let Rüdiger Raabe show us the manufacturer's new products at bauma 2016.

Weber MT Bodenverdichter Baumaschinenmesse bauma Muenchen
Weber MT Maschinentechnik bauma Freigelaende Muenchen

Soil compactor with compaction control

Rüdiger Raabe: Weber MT was the first manufacturer to present a comprehensive compaction control system for hand-held soil compactors at Bauma many years ago. In this case, compaction control means that you can be shown if there are weak points in the soil, so you can achieve even compaction. This has the advantage that there is less reworking because there may be weak spots in the soil, which saves time and money.

Bodenverdichter im Einsatz Weber MT
Messeauftritt Weber MT bauma 2016 Muenchen

We have now supplemented this compression control with engine protection. This is the engine protection (points to the engine protection), we have connected this module to various points on the engine, which means that it constantly checks whether, for example, the air filter is still clean enough. Whether there is enough oil, via the oil pressure, whether the engine temperature is not too high, and it also indicates when the next service is due. If one of these points is outside the specified parameters, this is signaled. In the case of important points for the engine, such as oil temperature - too little oil in it, if you drive an engine with too little oil you have a total engine failure. In this case, or if the air filter is totally contaminated, the engine is switched off. Once the fault has been rectified, it can be restarted as normal.

Bodenverdichter mit Verdichtungskontrolle Weber MT
MesseTV Interview Ruediger Raabe Weber MT bauma 2016 Messe Muenchen

Soil compactor: Compaction control now supplemented by motor protection

(Machine is switched on) When the red light goes out, everything is ok. A sensor is attached to the base plate, which transmits signals to a computer, where a reference to the floor stiffness is established and this is transmitted to the LED lamps. The more LEDs light up, the more conclusions can be drawn about the load-bearing capacity of the floor. So the firmer the floor is. If it is too firm - over-sealing, so to speak, or you would be driving on the asphalt, which would be insane, then it would remain at maximum deflection and the red LED would light up. If the ground is too soft, nothing would light up on the LED scale and the red LED would light up, signaling that something is wrong here. In other words, too tight or too loose.

Vibrationsstampfer 32kilo Weber MT
Vibrationsstampfer Weber MT bauma Fachmesse Muenchen

Of course, we are always in constant contact with our customers, with the construction companies. And one requirement, for example, is to have a lightweight vibratory rammer that can be used to tamp material under the pipe in pipeline construction. A tamper has to be light for this - and you have to be able to hold it at an angle. That's why it only weighs 32 kilograms. The supply in this area was limited - but there was still a high demand. We are building a Honda engine here that has been specially converted for our needs. So it's a four-stroke engine. So I don't have a problem with the mixture or anything.

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