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The Doosan company is active worldwide and in many industries. Doosan is presenting construction machinery at bauma 2016 in Munich. On Messeblick.TV, Marc Glesius, Product Manager Doosan, shows a 14-ton excavator, which offers particular advantages in the city area, and a very large, powerful wheel loader.

bauma Munich Marc Glesius Productmanager Doosan
Doosan construction machines bauma munich exhibition exterior area

From tracked excavator + wheel loader to nuclear power plant

Felix Rother: I see a lot of excavators here, a lot of machines in all sizes. What makes Doosan special? What do you have? Marcus Glesius: We have crawler excavators ranging from 14 tons to 53 tons. We also have wheel loaders ranging from around 12 tons to 33 tons, but that's not all. We also have other equipment within the Group - for example, we build nuclear power plants, we build seawater desalination plants, we build the largest marine diesel engine in the world, it's a really large group that is involved in every sector.

Doosan excavator 14 ton with roadliner tracks bauma construction site vehicles
Doosan excavator open air bauma fair munich

Felix Rother: Big is a very good keyword here. You have listed some really big things. But here we have a very small model. Marcus Glesius: That's right. Felix Rother: What difference does that make to your range, what's it doing there? Marcus Glesius: Well, we start at 14 tons, this machine is often used, especially in urban areas where the short rear is important, because this machine can of course be used where space is extremely tight and that is particularly necessary in the municipal sector. Also generally for municipal use, we have Roadliner tracks for example, you can have the machine with a blade, with a sliding blade, with an adjustable boom, the product range and also the range of options is relatively large.

Doosan Roadliner tracked 14 ton excavator construction trade fair bauma
MesseTV Interview Marc Glesius Doosan bauma Munich

DL 550 - the largest wheel loader from Doosan

Felix Rother: What is always in, what do you always have with you when you buy this device? Marcus Glesius: For example, you can store 10 different tools in the device. By tools we mean, for example, a hammer or a gripper and you can store the oil quantity, the pressure and also the engine speed for 10 different tools in this device. What is of course also a special feature and what also affects all announcement devices is that we comply with this stage 4, i.e. the guidelines of the so-called stage 4 or T4 final without the use of soot particle filters. Felix Rother: How does this benefit me as a consumer or customer? Marcus Glesius: Well, a particulate filter brings problems with it. That means you have to regenerate for longer. You have a lower market value for the appliance because it simply can't be sold in other countries. They have a very, very high exhaust gas temperature, more downtimes and we are glad that we don't have one yet, so we don't use particulate filters for our Perkins engines, our Scania engines or our Doosan engines, which we build ourselves.

Doosan construction machinery outdoor area bauma fair munich
Doosan wheel loader DL 550 wheel with tracks construction site vehicle bauma

Felix Rother: We now have what I call the all-rounder for the city. But I think there are much bigger machines out there. Which of these large machines is your absolute favorite? Can you show me which one? Marcus Glesius: We can go to the DL 550 sometime. Felix Rother: Okay, I'd love to. Marcus Glesius: So this is our big one, the DL 550 - definitely my favorite machine. It's the biggest wheel loader we have. Felix Rother: You told me that this is your favorite, what makes it so special? Marcus Glesius: We have many things that make this machine special. As I already mentioned, we don't use a particulate filter. We have a five-speed gearbox here, for example, with torque converter lock-up, which may not mean anything to everyone, but this torque converter lock-up enables us to save 10 percent on fuel and, secondly, to achieve twice the speed on uphill gradients.

Doosan Radlader DL 550 bauma Munich
Marc Glesius Doosan with moderator Felix Rother MesseTV bauma

Doosan construction machinery at bauma Munich

Felix Rother: Does that mean it goes twice as fast uphill as some others? Marcus Glesius: That's right. Felix Rother: That's definitely a unique selling point. What else makes him stand out? What makes it stand out for Doosan? Marcus Glesius: I would say, above all, the standard equipment, because we have installed a lot of things in this machine that are normally only optional - with Doosan, they come as standard. This means, for example, that we have installed the central lubrication system. With this central lubrication system, we are able to lubricate all the joints of the device automatically, so they no longer have to be lubricated manually. Felix Rother: Less maintenance as a result? Marcus Glesius: Less maintenance in any case and the appliance also has a longer service life. We have a cyclone pre-separator here, i.e. a pre-filter inside, which means we have a 3-stage filter system as standard. Even with such a large appliance, we have the third control circuit as standard so that we can also install or attach hydraulic components - this is not a matter of course for manufacturers.

Doosan excavator arm 14 ton excavator construction site

Felix Rother: How much does such premium equipment cost in the end? Marcus Glesius: Yes, that's what makes it special. We have installed it as standard, there is no standard surcharge for the customer at all. Felix Rother: Please give us a house number for this appliance. Marcus Glesius: For this appliance? (Laughs) Felix Rother: For your favorite appliance! Marcus Glesius: That's a difficult question you're asking, of course it always depends on your negotiating skills, but I'd say we're looking at around 260,000 euros for a new appliance like this. Felix Rother: So a bit more than the small car at home. Marcus Glesius: Definitely yes. Felix Rother: But it's worth it by the looks of it, so thank you and I wish you every success at the trade fair. You have a lot of great pieces here. Thank you very much, bye. Marcus Glesius: Bye.

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