Kübler mobile automation for construction machinery

The Kübler company, which was founded in 1960 by Fritz Kübler, specializes in various disciplines. These include position and motion sensors and counting and process technology. At bauma 2016, we will be shown new products and innovations from the company. Which ones? Watch our video!

MesseTV reporting Kuebler bauma Fair Munich
Mobile Automation Example Mobile Crane Kuebler bauma Fair Munich

Mobile automation in the construction machinery sector

Markus Brunner: Kübler is a manufacturer. We develop and produce ourselves in Germany, exclusively in Germany, and we have a complete portfolio of position and motion sensors, slip ring and transmission technology as well as displays and process displays for the mobile automation sector.

Inclinometers Leveling Kuebler bauma construction machinery fair Munich
Draw wire systems measurement support and extension Kuebler bauma Munich

Felix Rother: What new products have you developed for this year's trade fair? Markus Brunner: Well, at bauma we are addressing the mobile automation sector, especially construction machinery, and we have a complete portfolio for this, as I have already told you. This can be explained very well using the example of the mobile crane, where we sell - or our customers use - encoders that are used for measuring the lift for the rotation of the upper carriage.

encoder gantry crane Kuebler bauma Munich
Kuebler mobile automation bauma

Draw-wire sensors are used to measure the support and the extension length of the telescopic mast. Here you can see draw-wire sensors - very robust for the mobile automation sector and we also offer inclination sensors that are used for leveling, for the horizontal position of the vehicles, for monitoring the horizontal position and for the installation angle of the work equipment or the crane arm.

Draw-wire sensors: measuring the support and extension length of telescopic masts

Felix Rother: So you could say that wherever there is movement in this crane, Kübler is involved? Markus Brunner: Exactly. Wherever something moves, wherever movement is monitored, be it for safety monitoring or for automation. More and more cranes are becoming increasingly automated in order to simply support the driver in his work and to... Felix Rother: ...of course I need sensors that give me constant feedback. Markus Brunner: Exactly, but not only position and motion sensors, the area of transmission technology is also important. We are now presenting a slip ring. Slip rings are also used in mobile cranes; they are there to transmit power, signals and fieldbus communication from the superstructure to the undercarriage. Felix Rother: So all these sensors are brought together here, the information is brought together, or how can I imagine that? Markus Brunner: Yes, exactly, sensor signals are brought together here, power is transmitted here, communication between the control systems is also exchanged here. And everything is transmitted via slip rings. Felix Rother: Okay. But there's more here at the stand, shall we go around and you show me again what's over there?

Kuebler slip ring transmission sensor signals
MesseTV Interview Markus Brunner Global Industry Manager Kuebler bauma

Position and motion sensors for gantry cranes

Markus Brunner: Yes (both change stands) So in addition to position and motion sensors, which are mainly used in the mobile vehicle sector, this is also a very important segment for us, selling gantry cranes here, where we also sell position and motion sensors. Encoders are used on gantry cranes to monitor the hoist, to monitor the trolley position in the X and Y directions, and control technology is also a very important product in this area. Felix Rother: That means it's not just about sensors - because the structure is rather static - I'm just saying in comparison to the mobile cranes over there. But also about control? Markus Brunner: Exactly, we have also been offering safety control modules from Kübler for several years. Compact control modules with a SIL certificate, where you can connect different sensors and use them to safely monitor the positions and speeds on a crane, for example, with a SIL level of up to SIL 3 or Performance Level D. Felix Rother: Does every company that competes with you on the market have this or is it a unique selling point? Markus Brunner: Yes, there are different companies that have encoders and also have safety-certified encoders. There are also companies that have safe controllers, but the combination of encoders and controllers is quite unique on the market.

Position Motion Sensors Portal Crane Kuebler Bauma Bauma Munich
Control technology Gantry cranes Kuebler bauma Munich
MesseTV Reporting Kuebler bauma

Markus Brunner: Everything comes from a single source. We at Kübler make sure that this combination also works, that the interfaces are correct and that the overall system really does achieve the required level of safety. Felix Rother: In other words, we have sensors, we have safe control technology, everything is constantly being redeveloped, so where are we heading? Where does the journey continue? Markus Brunner: Yes, plants and machines are becoming ever safer and are becoming ever more networked, ever more intelligent in the future, obviously. Industry 4.0 is also key here. It is important to offer the right products and the right interfaces in order to be fit for the future and ensure that the sensors and safety modules always communicate correctly with the higher-level operational control system. Felix Rother: I think you're already quite well positioned, thank you very much. Markus Brunner: Thank you.

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