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Gölz has been a household name in cutting, drilling and sawing with diamond tools for exactly 70 years. Let's take a look at what new products the company has on its stand this year.

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Floor saws for roads, building construction and civil engineering

Klas Bömecke: Mr. Waldschmidt, these small, handy floor saws are a big topic at your stand, aren't they? Thorsten Waldschmidt: Yes, floor saws are our day-to-day business of course, we are very much involved in the road, building construction and civil engineering sectors and it is of course - especially in this day and age - a key issue to use precise, handy machines effectively on the construction site.

Goelz Floor saws Foot pedal with gas pressure spring
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Klas Bömecke: I think this model is more or less the primus inter pares? Thorsten Waldschmidt: Yes, especially in the area of floor saws, 450mm saw blade with 13 HP Honda engines, that is actually what every road construction company must have today. They can be used for patching work, applying new road surfaces afterwards and this is actually the equipment that is sold in large numbers.

Goelz construction trade fair bauma Munich
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Cutting depth adjustment via foot pedal with integrated gas pressure spring

Klas Bömecke: What special features does it have? Thorsten Waldschmidt: Yes, we differ from the conventional machines on the market, especially with these machines, because we have a technology here that uses a foot pedal with an integrated gas pressure spring to adjust the cutting depth. This actually has the advantage that we don't have to work with a crank, which of course exerts vibration on the saw blade. Instead, we have everything from behind. I have full control of the machine and of course I can swivel it in continuously, which is very effective and user-friendly. Klas Bömecke: Great! I would suggest we go over there again, I saw the stationary machines there. There's a lot going on in this area!

Goelz stone cutting machine bauma Munich
Goelz stone cutting machine removable water tub bauma

Thorsten Waldschmidt: Yes. Klas Bömecke: A lot of people are interested in these machines, aren't they? Thorsten Waldschmidt: Absolutely, because garden landscaping, civil engineering is a booming market, of course, and especially in the field of stone cutting machines, it is of course important to have machines that work effectively, are lightweight and are indispensable. Also in garden landscaping, of course. Klas Bömecke: They also need to have a certain flexibility, don't they, because I'm not just cutting the stone straight? Thorsten Waldschmidt: That's right. First of all, transportation to the construction site is of course a major counterpart. That's quite easy here. I have foldable legs here on the device, which means I can transport it relatively easily even in combination without having to use any tools. But it's also important to note that you have a small, compact machine that still has an extremely long cutting length.

Goelz stone cutting machine long cutting length bauma
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Stone cutting machine Garden landscaping, civil engineering

So we are actually going above and beyond and have actually achieved with a small machine what we would otherwise have to do with the big one. Absolutely great with this thing, which is also a weak point with every machine that is already on the market, the machines are relatively difficult to keep clean, Gölz takes a different approach. Gölz simply says, ok, we have a removable water tray here, which I can pull out to the front when I unlock it here, clean it and have no problems with my water pump afterwards. Klas Bömecke: Now, of course, it's also a real mess when you're cutting stones... Thorsten Waldschmidt: That's right. Yes, because I cut stones and have the stone dust that is produced, which of course has to be filtered by the water pump. And if I don't have the machine clean, I have a weak point, so keeping the machine clean is always very important. Of course, we make this easier here with the removable water tray. It's very simple. Klas Bömecke: And you don't just have to cut stones straight with this machine?

Goelz Galaxis Technology cutting disc bauma Munich
Goelz stone cutting machine adjustable up to 45 degrees bauma trade fair

Thorsten Waldschmidt: Right, exactly! It's becoming more and more common, especially in mosaic processing, for people to say that they'd like to have certain visible edges and I wouldn't like them cut at 90 degrees, but rather at 45 degrees. We can also do this as standard on this machine. This means that I also have the option here of being able to cut a relatively attractive visible edge up to 45 degrees. And so we have an all-round package that can actually do everything. Klas Bömecke: That makes a lot of things easier. Super. Thank you very much for this insight, and I hope you continue to enjoy the trade fair. Thorsten Waldschmidt: Thank you! We can use that.

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