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Messe.TV takes a close look at the BIG FOOT from ATLAS Cranes and Excavators on the outdoor area at bauma. What is so special about it? In an interview with Frank Lueken, Director Product Development, we find out for you. Join us as we explore it from the outside to the driver's cab.

Atlas Big Foot Tires bauma 2016
trade fair appearance atlas cranes trade fair munich outdoor area bauma

ATLAS wheeled excavators - universal excavators for road construction and civil engineering

Messe TV: What is the secret of BIG FOOT? Frank Lueken: The special thing about them is the tire size, here we have a 26 5 tire. This is a project that we did with drivers who always had problems with the machine sinking in on the soft ground, where there was always a lot of downtime, or they always hated working with tracked excavators because you break a lot of things on the ground.

Atlas Crane Excavator bauma Munich
pedal construction machine big foot atlas crane bauma fair munich

Messe TV: So the tires are something special, but that too, right? Frank Lueken: Exactly, this machine has a fourth arm compared to many others, so you can actually do anything with this machine. You can put this arm to one side at the touch of a button and then use another tool. We have developed a new trailer coupling that allows me to swivel the part and simply place it on the trailer, pick up another tool and continue working. Messe TV: And do you already have feedback from the people who use it? Frank Lueken: Yes, we've now sold the seventh machine and have really - it's fun!

cab atlas crane excavator MesseTV feature
Atlas Big Foot 4 arm construction site vehicle bauma trade fair

BIG FOOT mobile excavator - large tires, fourth arm

Messe TV: But you've been with us for a long time, haven't you? Frank Lueken: Oh yes, 28 years. Messe TV: Wow, you must know your way around. Frank Lueken: Yes, I think so, yes. Messe TV: And that's also a highlight product, wouldn't you say? Frank Lueken: All the machines we exhibit here already have the latest Tier 4 final emissions standard. The special feature here is that we have a new cab. Messe TV: We also already have a driver in the cab. Does that actually mean that the drivers are involved in the design of the machine so that it corresponds exactly to your ideas? Frank Lueken: Not only involved, I always say my driver of today makes my machine for tomorrow. All the wishes that have been expressed have been taken on board and incorporated. Messe TV: Give me an example, what would be a specific wish? Frank Lueken: For example, how to clean a machine like this. In the past, it was always impossible to sweep them out properly. Today, we've moved all the components further apart, we've made everything flat and so you can go round and round with a hand brush. Messe TV: Every detail has been thought through, so to speak. Frank Lueken: Well thought out by the driver.

Operator cab with all round view construction site vehicles Atlas cranes excavators bauma
Messe TV reporting Atlas cranes bauma 2016

Messe TV: And there is another special competence, isn't there? Frank Lueken: This machine is equipped in such a way that every grip is stored, every weight is recorded, and so at the end of the month the boss can say exactly how many grips or how much quantity, how much weight, his driver has managed. Messe TV: I'll have a look at that now. I can see that I really have more space and I can always see the results or what I'm doing or what I would have done. Is there a radio? Frank Lueken: The radio is Bluetooth and hands-free. Drivers today have higher and higher expectations, as you can see in cars and trucks, and now it's the machine's turn. We have to really step on the gas to meet the driver's wishes. Messe TV: Very well thought out. Frank Lueken: The steering column is height-adjustable, very slim, all the pedals have been moved a little further apart and, certainly from the point of view of the employers' liability insurance association, we have made this crossbar 140 mm higher so that he can see better. We made the roof window 200mm further back. And so he has a very good all-round view. Messe TV: The next Bauma is in 3 years' time, is there an exciting project we can look forward to? Frank Lueken: We are trying to exhibit machines with a new weight class here. Messe TV: A little more specific? Frank Lueken: We can't be too specific yet, we don't want to talk about it too much. Messe TV: But you can be curious, so to speak. I'll say goodbye and stay here in the booth. I like it here. Frank Lueken: Fine.

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