Silverlit robots

Learning to program as a child - the robots from Silverlit are designed to make this possible. Stephen Chi from Silverlit shows us how it works. You can program up to 50 instructions for the MacroBot and the HeroBie becomes an alarm clock or fitness trainer. Watch our video! (So far only available in English without subtitles.)

Programmable Robot MacroBot Silverlit
Robot Herobie Silverlit

Silverlit MacroBot - Robot programmable via mobile

Jürgen Groh: Hi Steven, nice to meet you! I can see many stylish robots. What can they do? Stephen Chi: At first we go to the MacroBot, this one is programmable via mobile. It can program up to 50 steps. It has automobile, optical senses and you can direct control it. We have a very amazing design here with the Dio which is for reprogram. They say you can program 10 steps and they press one bottom and ask you how to do it. Jürgen Groh: Can you show me? Stephen Chi: You put it here. Here are only two wheels, so it has auto balance. Here you have optical senses and here. It won’t go up. It stops. The optical senses are on the chest of the robot. If you put your hand before it. Jürgen Groh: Please right again. He is fury me. Yes he is stopping. Does he move automatically or does he have any.. Stephen Chi: If you don‘t ask him he will go himself. Jürgen Groh: So this is for children to learn how to deal with robots or..? Stephen Chi: Programming. Like the first steps. All these are the basic programming. Jürgen Groh: How does it work in China? Do the children all have contact with robots? Stephen Chi: They already have yes. I think it is 7 years old. Jürgen Groh: Do you have another model you want to show us? Stephen Chi: Yes we have one of the fitness one. Jürgen Groh: Let’s go to this one.

Macro Bot Educational Robot Silverlit
Macro Bot Silverlit

Silverlit Herobie Robot can do gymnastic actions

Stephen Chi: This one can do gymnastic actions. This is votile. It can do the gym, like push up, so many different actions. Jürgen Groh: Does he show the children how to move and to act, to do the athletics? Stephen Chi: Yes, they can program it. They can also create an access to actions. They can imagine all actions and then use the app to program it and they send it to him. Jürgen Groh: This is interesting! Stephen Chi: He had a squirrel, he can do different expressions and send the pictures, video to the screen, so they customize it. You can put all your photos on the robot and the do the gym. Jürgen Groh: So for what age group is it? Stephen Chi: It’s for 10 up. Small advance. You need an app and Wi-Fi. And this one is used by open source. If you use an open source perform so you actually you know the programming, you can customize. Customize the program. And it has an extra motive so you can decide precisely the actions, movements you need for precision. And you can also play music. You put it next to you and it can be your reminder your assistant. You can send him your schedule. Jürgen Groh: This is a robot that helps you during your normal life.

MesseTV Contribution Silverlit
MesseTV Interview Silverlit Stephen Chi

Robot with alarm function

Stephen Chi: Yes. For example you are waking up. You just set an alarm. Jürgen Groh: What does he say in the morning? Stephen Chi: You can customize it, you just send the voice to him. You can say hello wake up, or hey! It’s too late you’re getting late! And then you hear the voice. Jürgen Groh: In what directions will you go in the future? In the whole robot scene. What will we see in 5 years? Stephen Chi: We will have more and more educational robots. This is as the market demands. Jürgen Groh: How popular is this guy in China? Is he really popular between kids and people or..? Stephen Chi: You mean this item? It is not available yet. We are launching this for. Jürgen Groh: Sounds interesting, I wish you a nice fair.

Gymnastic Robot Herobie Silverlit
Robot programmable Silverlit