Bobby-Car NEXT by BIG

The Bobby-Car from BIG is a real classic, but you can't rest on your laurels. The Bobby-Car NEXT offers some new features. Lights, electric horn and engine noise make the driving experience even more attractive for the little ones. A new seat cover ensures more comfortable seating and the tires make less noise. What else does the new design have to offer? Find out in our video!

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Bobby-Car NEXT with light & electric horn

Jürgen Groh: Mrs. Braun, greetings! The Bobby-Car - an absolute classic, but there must be something new about it, which is why you're here today! Elke Braun: That's right, it's the Bobby-Car NEXT. The Bobby-Car NEXT now has lights as standard and there's a touch sensor that goes out again with a simple touch. Jürgen Groh: The child can also drive the Bobby-Car at night? Elke Braun: Yes, that's right. Now it is clearly visible in the dark and so that the child sits particularly comfortably, the Bobby-Car has a soft foam seat that can also be removed and of course it has 4 whisper tires, which are covered with a special rubber so that they leave no marks on the floor and are particularly quiet. Jürgen Groh: Do I still brake with my feet or how do I do that? Elke Braun: Yes, that's right. The Bobby-Car still has no brakes, but that makes it a lot of fun for the children. Jürgen Groh: Can I have a look at it from underneath? Yes, very robust. What's in the front, the trunk? Elke Braun: This is where the trunk is located, you can simply open it up. The children can hide their secret treasures in it. And the Bobby-Car has an electronic horn, when I press it twice it makes engine noises. Jürgen Groh: Nice. What else can you say? Elke Braun: Yes, all the great features that the Bobby-Car has had for years. It has a knee recess so that children can ride it for a long time. It has an ergonomic shape so that children can develop healthy hips while playing. To make it easy to drive, it has a non-slip steering wheel that makes it easy and safe to steer.

BIG Bobby Car with touch sensor
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Whisper tires, engine noise and storage compartment in the engine compartment

Jürgen Groh: The Bobby-Car is actually relatively small. What age groups are you targeting with it? Elke Braun: The Bobby-Car is for children from 1 year to about 7 years. We now also have many adults who ride the Bobby-Car. Jürgen Groh: Is that possible? Elke Braun: 50 kilos is tested, it can withstand that. But we know from the Bobby-Car Sports Association that it can withstand up to 100 kilos. Of course, it depends on the weight, because friction generates heat and then it becomes difficult.

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Jürgen Groh: Well, I can do without the skateboard, I ride the Bobby-Car. Elke Braun: Yes, there was someone who went to work on a Bobby-Car. Jürgen Groh: To work? Really? What do I have to put down for the Bobby-Car when I buy it? Elke Braun: This Bobby-Car costs €99.95. Jürgen Groh: 99.95€ ok. I'm looking forward to next year! Elke Braun: Me too, thank you!