Désirée Nick - Interview in a cockroach costume

We wouldn't have expected to see Désirée Nick at the Spielwarenmesse 2017. But as a jungle queen and all-round luminary, she is of course just the right person to present the game Cockroach Duel from Schmidt Spiele. And if she's going to do it, then do it properly - in a cockroach costume. But what does she think of the game? Find out and much more in our video!

Desiree Nick Schmidt Games Cockroach Duel
Desiree Nick Cockroach Duel Schmidt Spiele

Games are preparation for life. From reality in the jungle among cockroaches and spiders, the jungle queen moves to the toy fair. Cockroach Duel is a board game, a small board game, uncomplicated and ideal for traveling. You guess how the opponent's move might come to get his cockroaches to the other side of the board.