Magic box for little magicians by Kosmos

Although a magician never reveals his magic tricks, we have some good news. Our trade fair TV presenter Jürgen Groh was able to coax a few secrets out of magician and magic editor Jonathan Felder from Kosmos. Conjuring rings together and apart and making a cloth disappear? No problem with the big magic set for little magicians.

Kosmos magic box for the magicians of tomorrow

Jürgen Groh: Mr. Felder, greetings! I've heard that you're the great magician here. What can you make disappear? Jonathan Felder: I'm a magic editor and amateur magician. I develop our magic kits, do the product management for the magic kits and write the instructions. Jürgen Groh: What have you created here? Jonathan Felder: This is our highlight for the current year. It's the magic kit. And with this set, we simply wanted to offer a high-quality product, a high-quality magic kit for children. With a sturdy case. With a magic mat made of black velvet, where you can present everything nicely and the materials are a bit more valuable. We have metal parts, metal rings, our beautiful metallic cups. Jürgen Groh: How can I do magic with the metal rings? Please show me. Jonathan Felder: Yes, relatively simple. So I need more rings. Well, I'll just take these 2 rings from them. As you can see, the rings are firmly connected. But if you rub them well and generate magical heat, you can separate them. Jürgen Groh: How does that work? Jonathan Felder: Yes, that's a basic rule of magic. Magicians never reveal their tricks. Jürgen Groh: Well, I can do it too, so to speak, but I don't tell anyone. Jonathan Felder: Maybe!

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Includes magic trick classics such as the Japanese thumb

Jürgen Groh: I try it. I succeed. I can do a workshop. The finger in the box means I can cut my finger off? Jonathan Felder: No. That's the Japanese thumb, it's a classic magic trick. And it doesn't look real at first glance, that's not the point, but you keep it hidden behind your hand during your performance, so it's not noticeable at all. You can make wonderful things disappear in it (but don't tell anyone!) and then, when you open your hand, the cloth has disappeared. So of course, every magic trick requires a lot of practice. Jürgen Groh: One more thing! The balls. Jonathan Felder: It's also a classic among magic tricks and that is you simply take a few balls and give them to someone and then say so take the balls nice and tight in your hand and then close your hand. Then you can magically multiply the balls - open your hand again - from 3 to 4. Jürgen Groh: I think it's a nice starter device for children. Jonathan Felder: We have a completely new set, a real beginner's set for children. The Magic Kids is for ages 5 and up. The special thing about it is that it's designed for young kids who can already do it. With other magic kits you really have to practise the tricks, it takes a bit of dexterity and that's not easy for small children. That's why we have specially developed the 5+ kit, which contains tricks that are easy to do and guaranteed to succeed. In the case we have beautiful explanatory videos in comic style, online beautiful colored instructions with pictures in comic style.

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Magic box models for beginners and advanced users

Jürgen Groh: Now I would like to know one more thing. Advanced model - child model, what do I have to pay for it? Jonathan Felder: It starts, we have our magic wand, that's our basic product with 10 tricks. It costs €3. Then we continue with our bring-along experiments on the subject of magic. Costs 10€ The Magic Kids, for example, will cost €20. Jürgen Groh: That's really cheap. Jonathan Felder: And then it also goes up, the big box will then be €90. Jürgen Groh: A really nice Christmas present, I would say. Jonathan Felder: Definitely. Jürgen Groh: I wish you all the best at the trade fair!