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Messe.TV presenter Felix Rother's eyes light up when he sees the new jungle research station from Schleich. The manufacturer of truly authentic, hand-painted animal figures also offers themed worlds in addition to the classic individual figures. In addition to the jungle, we also find a lovingly designed riding stable with everything that goes with it. Watch our video to find out what you need to know - have fun!

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Black Panther Play Figure Schleich Research Station

Jungle research station from Schleich

Felix Rother: Hello! You've got that jungle feeling here! Dirk Engehausen: Yes, we are also in the jungle as you can see here. We have our tiger there, we have the waterfall... You see, I've opened the door to the enclosure here. We are here at our top focus item for this year! This is the "jungle research station" or "jungle croc station". Felix Rother: And that's the visitor magnet? Dirk Engehausen: That is the visitor magnet. That's why this connection is there. We wanted to make the whole thing jungle-like and have already received feedback that our jungle is one of the highlights of the trade fair. A bit of movement and action goes down well. Felix Rother: There's definitely only one waterfall at the fair, that's for sure. Dirk Engehausen: That's wonderful. Here we can see our crocodile research station. It consists of several parts. One is this great crocodile trap, which can also be used as a hiding place. You can increase the play value here and hide something in it. Felix Rother: And pull your hand out of the crocodile trap again in time. Dirk Engehausen: Yes, that's Kindersafe, it works. We also have our jungle hut and the enclosure with the black panther in it. We have an extra reservoir here for the really dangerous animals. If our crocodile wants to get out, we can of course lock it back in. Felix Rother: So that everything is safely packed away at the end, because there are dangerous animals in the jungle after all. Dirk Engehausen: There are some risks and, as you know, Schleich stands for having wonderful animals. Let me show you the gorilla, which is standing there authentically. If you look at it, you will see how wonderfully drawn it is. The eyes look as if he is really alive.

Wildlife Jungle Station Schleich
Wildlife Jungle Station Schleich Animals Crocodile

Authentic wildlife animal play figures

Felix Rother: You can really see how tiny his eyes are here, it's not that one eye is looking here and the other there, he's looking straight at me. Dirk Engehausen: He's looking at you, and that's the fascinating thing about it. Felix Rother: I'm glad it's so small. Dirk Engehausen: He would be very big in real life. I think it's a wonderful combination that we've managed to achieve between the classic, extremely real Schleich animals and a great play scenario for the children. So that the children get a little more into a play world. Felix Rother: That's the exotic thing that Schleich has to offer. But there's also everyday life, isn't there? Dirk Engehausen: That's in the wildlife range. We make animals that are true to reality, that's everyday life, just not for children who live in the city. If we go more into the civilized world... Felix Rother: ... you don't normally see snakes that often. Dirk Engehausen: Relatively rarely, I recently had a slow worm in my garden. But that was also the most exotic. Felix Rother: Okay, at least not dangerous. Dirk Engehausen: Exactly. When it comes to what the children are doing today, I'd say let's go over to our horse theme! Felix Rother: Gladly.

Great Ape Gorilla Schleich play figure jungle toy childrens room
Schleich Wildlife Jungle Station play figure
Wildlife Dinosaurs Play Figures Schleich

Schleich Horse Club - the riding stable play world

Dirk Engehausen: We call it a franchise. Our line is divided into game lines. Horse Club is a line that we launched last year. With a new horse stable that came onto the market. Felix Rother: How many horses does it have room for? Dirk Engehausen: We have 6 boxes in the stable so that the girls can play straight away - and I say girls because we have noticed that girls really like playing with it, the cliché is fulfilled. Even though we have boys in the catalog playing with this great theme. We have far more than just 6 horses in our range, so we can fulfill every wish. We have foals and the corresponding mare because we know that girls also like to do classic role play with animals. You often see girls doing exactly that role play and the foal is still getting milk and all that stuff. It really is like living and acting out in nature. Felix Rother: In terms of the colors, it's also more geared towards girls, you have to say. Dirk Engehausen: Fortunately, we have Burberry-style blankets because you often see them on the riding school. The girls tell us exactly what can be fantasy and what has to be real. We then developed this great vehicle. This is the mobile vet. It can be opened up and comes with her all-terrain van. Felix Rother: The facial features are also very authentic. Dirk Engehausen: If there's one thing Schleich does really well, it's realistic facial features. We really want to be as authentic as possible, because you know that with the animals from Schleich, and of course we want to do the same with the people. Felix Rother: I know Schleich from the store, the business. There isn't always a whole farm, there are lots of individual animals. Yes, the abundance is fantastic. Shall we take a quick look over there? Dirk Engehausen: Yes, with pleasure. They still exist, of course, and are the most important thing for us. Schleich stands for the individual animals. If I take the elephant - that's one of my favorite animals - that's what Schleich stands for, for this attention to detail. Felix Rother: These little folds all over the elephant, there are even folds on the belly. Dirk Engehausen: Everywhere. Just like in nature. What I say is, put the animal in the hand of the person you're talking to, and I'll just do that now. Felix Rother: Oh, yes! Dirk Engehausen: You notice the haptic sensation. Especially at the trade fair, people often ask when the apps are coming, everything is going digital, when this or that is coming... and of course we think about that, but we also know that children need the haptic experience. Felix Rother: If you can make an elephant skin like this, you don't necessarily need an app.

Toy Horses Schleich Horse Club Riding Stable
Schleich Horse Club Game Riding Stable
Toy Figure Veterinarian Foal Schleich Riding Stable

Imagination and creative play thanks to realistic play figures

Dirk Engehausen: At least not as the next step. I think we still have a lot of options and it's good for children to have a tactile experience. It inspires the imagination. If you imagine just handing an iPad to a child, they won't have any haptic experience. Felix Rother: Apart from swiping, there's not much there. Dirk Engehausen: Exactly! It gets the imagination going and you immediately see yourself in the savannah. The ideas come, you move on, pick up the giraffe and play together. You already have a scenario and the parents are also happy when they see that the children are playing properly again. Felix Rother: Of course, you can create any scenario. Because there is such a wide range of animals, you can depict anything from a family of giraffes to a hunting tiger. That's very nice. Dirk Engehausen: When people everywhere ask what makes Schleich different from everyone else, that's what sets us apart. We have a huge opportunity and perhaps even a responsibility to bring a certain educational aspect back into children's rooms, because that's what a gorilla looks like. It doesn't just look awkward. Children! That's what a gorilla looks like, that's what we can bring forward. Felix Rother: You learn that by playing. Wonderful, then all that remains for me to say is: Thank you very, very much. Good luck with this wide range and this wealth of detail and ideas. Dirk Engehausen: We're not letting up. Thank you very much.

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Schleich authentic play figures elephant
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Schleich authentic play figures