Carrera FIRST Racetrack

Until now, the little ones have usually had to watch enviously at Carrera car races at home. But that's over now! With the Carrera FIRST car racing track, there is finally a race track that is also suitable for younger children! Find out more in our video.

Carrera FIRST car racing track
MesseTV Interview Andreas Stadlbauer Carrera First

New products Carrera FIRST racetrack

Andreas Stadlbauer: Here we see the Carrera FIRST. This is a system that we have developed especially for the youngest target group. For children aged 3-4 and up, who see the world differently to us adults. Much sweeter and more colorful. We have taken this into account. We have developed the hand controller especially for small children's hands. The cars are smaller and cuter. We have licenses for Mickey Mouse, Disney Car 3, Super Mario and even a Ferrari. They all have their own race track here. Simone Dericks: And this is where the little ones can playfully immerse themselves in the world of Carrera? Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right, which means that dad no longer has to worry about his beautiful models on a large hobby scale. There is now a track with which the little ones can really have fun and be successful. Simone Dericks: How fast do the little models go here now? Andreas Stadlbauer: They go so fast that the small children have fun but can't fall out of the curve. It's still a bit difficult at that age, so we've taken that into account and developed the product in such a way that there's a lot of fun to be had with the different characters, but without pushing the limits.

Carrera FIRST Super Mario car
MesseTV interview Carrera First car racing track

Carrera FIRST for children from 3-4 years with Disney licenses

Simone Dericks: Okay. And that's for girls and boys alike? Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right. Carrera FIRST really is a product for girls and boys. We emphasize this very strongly through the various licenses we have. Simone Dericks: I'm watching the movie here on the iPad. Does that have anything to do with the racetrack? Is it connected to the Carrera FIRST? Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right, there's a very nice cooperation with Disney. "MICKEY AND THE ROADSTAR RACERS" will soon be on television on the Disney Channel. Children will then have the opportunity to play out all the adventures of Mickey and his friends - you can really see Donald in his racing boat here - on the small Carrera FIRST track. Simone Dericks: So we start with the very little ones, so that it becomes a lifelong love of Carrera. Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right. That's exactly how it is.

Carrera FIRST vehicle
Carrera First Mickey and the Roadster Racers