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Messe.TV visits the NICI stand, which is showing us its latest cuddly toys at the Spielwarenmesse 2017. Managing Director Thomas Pfau gives us a little insight into the latest trends in the NICI world. Our presenter fell in love straight away - with a unicorn! He couldn't quite believe it himself. See for yourself how it came about.

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MesseTV Interview Thomas Pfau NICI

NICI Unicorn Theodor & Friends - not just for children

Felix Rother: Hello Mr. Pfau! You arrange these funny-looking unicorns so beautifully. What exactly do we have here? Thomas Pfau: The unicorns also have a name here. We have Theodor here, a very funny fellow and unicorns are the absolute trend on the market. We have often done surveys on this. We have several NICI stores in Germany, 27 stores. And we often ask consumers, who is this animal for? And with the unicorns in particular, we found out that ladies over the age of 20 love our unicorns. Felix Rother: I wouldn't have expected that. I would have said the little 6-7-year-old princess wants a unicorn! Thomas Pfau: She wants a unicorn too! But the nice thing is that plush is for everyone. When you pick it up now, you can feel that it's for everyone. It also suits you very well.

Unicorn plush toy Theodor NICI
MesseTV Contribution NICI Unicorn Theodor

MY FIRST NICI - for the very little ones

Felix Rother: It's just a bit too early to cuddle, but it feels incredibly soft and they look funny when you look at the faces here. A wide face, looks really funny. Thomas Pfau: Here we have products for our very little ones. Felix Rother: This is grandma's favorite corner, isn't it? I can imagine a grandma would quickly fall in love with these little shoes. Thomas Pfau: And you've recognized it exactly, children don't buy these products, they don't want children because they're too small 0-24 months. Grandma, aunt, mother and uncle buy the product. And this is for the very youngest. We have very cute products, for example the first booties for the baby. The baby wears the booties and sees the sheep at the front and the sheep rustles at the front. It's very high quality, a high safety standard because it's for the very little ones. There are, of course, even more products. There is the little friend to love, but if I want, he can also play music to put me to sleep, for example. Sleep music. The range offers everything a typical toddler baby product should have.

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NICI cuddly toys with lullaby music and color mood

Felix Rother: Haptics, grip. Thomas Pfau: Exactly, but here too it's typical NICI. We play with different animal characters here: we have the rabbit, the owl, the sheep, the bear and they reappear throughout the range. Felix Rother: Everyone has their own color mood. If you think about the colors, it's blue with red and green in one animal. The colorful world still exists for the children. But just matching colors. Thomas Pfau: Our designers always manage to depict the animals in a special way. If you look at our animals, they are not realistic. They always have a comic element to them. Because I can make a comic one way or the other. And then it's important that when it's on the shelf and you walk past it, it catches your eye and you immediately fall in love with the product. And that is very, very important.

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Felix Rother: I don't believe what I'm saying right now, but you've done it for me with the unicorns. This face shape looks so funny and quaint, that's exactly what you're saying, this exaggerated, comic-like look is really very nice. One more question! What price region are you in? From to? Thomas Pfau: Yes, of course it depends on the size. We start at €4.99 for the key rings and then go up to 120 cm, which then cost €149. Felix Rother: But then they can easily be as big as the child! Thomas Pfau: But quite relaxed. Felix Rother: Well, thank you very much for the insights. Good luck here. Goodbye.