Schildkröt dolls

Schildkröt combines tradition with modernity. Schildkröt has been producing dolls from 1896 to the present day, making it the oldest doll manufacturer in the world.

Doll Schildkroet
MesseTV interview Christine Stadlbauer Schildkroet doll manufacturer

The oldest doll manufacturer in the world: Schildkröt

The quality and tradition have remained unchanged. The oldest doll manufacturer in the world shapes the doll design itself and offers matching accessories. The tested and certified clothing and consistent quality guarantee a sustainable and healthy toy for children.

Dolls clothes tested Schildkroet
Doll Manufactory Schildkroet

The new zeitgeist is reflected in the accessories, which are branded by Schildkröt Design itself. Food-safe materials and tested baby clothes deliver the outstanding quality that the doll manufacturer has stood for since 1896.

Dolls Schildkroet

Doll with breathing function from Schildkröt

Emily from doll manufacturer Schildkröt is a soft baby doll with a heartbeat and breathing function. The doll babbles when the chest is touched and has a very calming effect on children.

Baby doll with heartbeat Schildkroet
Dolls with breathing function Schildkroet

Emily is a wonderful companion during the day and can even sleep in the crib at night. Because she is so soft and cuddly.

MesseTV Contribution Schildkroet
Schildkroet Doll Emily with breathing function

Dolls with hair and bathing dolls from Schildkröt

Schildkröt is showing us its new doll collection at the toy fair. It ranges from bathing dolls with swimwear to baby dolls with shiny soft hair. The dolls with hair from Schildkröt are of particularly high quality. The hair can be washed and combed because it does not tangle easily. They have a tightly knotted quality.

Toys Baby dolls with washable hair Schildkroet
Dolls with hair washable Schildkroet

Baby walker and picnic set from Schildkröt

Schildkröt has been making dolls for over 124 years. The traditional company is presenting doll accessories at the toy fair in Nuremberg. Christine Stadlbauer shows us the Schildkröt Vespa, which is also a baby walker for children. With its horn and Vespa scooter sound, the little ones can scoot along the road in style. The Vespa set is available in pink for girls and blue for boys. The doll wears a small safety helmet. Naturally, the doll's accessories are designed to match in blue or pink. Every last detail has been thought of with great attention to detail.

Childrens Vespa Walker Bike Schildkroet
Baby walker pink Schildkroet

Soft dolls with light and music from Schildkröt

The soft dolls from Schildkröt were presented to us at the toy fair. This world of dolls for the very little ones is particularly playful. Emily, Little Emily and Baby Emily are the names of the dolls from Schildkröt. From birth to play doll, they are designed for children of different ages.

Soft cuddly toys Schildkroet
Soft doll sleeping doll Schildkroet

Little Emily is designed to fall asleep with light and music. Her little heart lights up when pressed and plays soothing Mozart music.

Boots shiny dolls Schildkroet
Bathing doll Leon with swimming vest Schildkroet