Carrera GO!!! Racetrack

Children and young adults today also like to play digitally. With the Carrera GO!!! car racing track is a great mix of digital and analog play. This makes the racing experience even more authentic. Whether through the pit stop with the app or because you have to digitally wipe the flies off your helmet in between. See more in our video.

MesseTV Interview Carrera Go Plus
Carrera Go Plus car racing track double looping

New Carrera GO!!! Racetrack

Simone Dericks: We've now built another track here, what's so great about it? Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes, this one is on a smaller scale and has been specially developed for children aged 5 to 12. Carrera GO!!!!!! The special thing here is our GO!!! Plus system, which can be easily integrated into any GO track. I have an additional PitStop track here where I can refuel, change tires and change the oil. The whole thing works via my controller. This means that I have an extended play value in terms of car racing. And if the PitStop track isn't enough for me, I can connect the whole thing to an app and a smart device. Simone Dericks: So digitalization has also arrived at Carrera? Andreas Stadlbauer: Digitalization has fully arrived at Carrera. We have had digital technology in our vehicles for a very long time. Now, of course, it's becoming visible. Now it's becoming playable. We also have a so-called ghost car function. That means I program the vehicle and can drive against myself on the other track. Simone Dericks: And the app - what can I do with the app? Andreas Stadlbauer: The app can measure time, count laps and I can play various app games to help me get back into the race faster. The best example is when the car slows down, I have to stop and I don't know why. Then I see on the app "Aha, there are lots of flies on the visor from the driver" and have to wipe the flies away. Once the visor has been cleaned, I get back into the unlocked mode and can continue driving.

Carrera Go Plus car racing track
MesseTV Interview Andreas Stadlbauer Carrera Go Plus

Carrera GO!!! Car racing track for children from 5 to 12 years

Simone Dericks: So this game really recreates reality. Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right. We simply incorporate real scenes from motorsport. The whole thing is made very funny and comic-like so that it suits the children. We use it to enhance the play value. Simone Dericks: You said the GO!!! racetrack is from 5 to 12 years. Is this the entry-level model at Carrera? Andreas Stadlbauer: Until now, Carrera GO!!!!!! was the entry-level model. At the trade fair we are presenting a new system called Carrera First, which has really been developed for children aged 3-4 and up. Simone Dericks: For the very little ones! Andreas Stadlbauer: For the very little ones. The new entry-level model. Simone Dericks: I would also like to have a look at that now.