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At Siku, which has been owner-managed for four generations, quality is important - and it shows. You can play life with the toys. The car parking garage or the building site in the children's room are just two examples. But of course there is also a highlight! A crawler excavator. Anyone who thinks "well, an excavator with remote control" has only looked at the surface, because the Liebherr excavator has authentic controls and these have been elaborately developed. It can also excavate below the ground line. Find out more in the video!

Excavator with remote control construction site childrens toy Siku
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SIKUWORLD - recreate life in the children's room

Jürgen Groh: Ms. Sieper, hello to you. You're talking about traffic for children, aren't you? Britta Sieper: Traffic for children. What the children experience outside, they bring into the children's room on the street. In fact, SIKUWORLD has streets, parking garages and components that can be combined. In the parking garage, I can drive from top to bottom in a slight line. There are emergency vehicles doing their job, I can drive into the forest or with boats on the water. I can re-enact life at home. Jürgen Groh: Is this more of a boys' topic or does it also appeal to girls? Britta Sieper: Basically, it appeals to both boys and girls. Every topic is included! Whether I take the ambulance or the fire department, the forest and the trees, the animals or the parking garage and the fast racing car, everyone will find something that inspires them. Jürgen Groh: You can see that many children are enthusiastic here. What age group do you appeal to? Britta Sieper: We actually appeal to the age group from 3 upwards. They like to play with cars and can do the "hum hum". Jürgen Groh: I can see a really great landscape with diggers and sand back there, can we go there once? Britta Sieper: Yes, of course.

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Remote controlled Liebherr crawler excavator Siku

SIKU Liebherr excavator with authentic controls

Jürgen Groh: In the past, that would have been a dream for me! Please explain to me what it can do. Britta Sieper: This is our Liebherr crawler excavator. The excavator is basically the same excavator as the professionals, only in a smaller format. Not only did we work with Liebherr on the external shape, but we also took a close look at how the excavators are controlled. We have 4 joysticks on the remote control, just like the original excavator has joysticks. We have rocker switches where I can move the tracks and so I can excavate with the excavator not only on the level but also in the trench. Jürgen Groh: Can I dig? Britta Sieper: Yes, of course. Jürgen Groh: That's for the shovel, aha. To the front. So it requires a bit of practice, but I would say it's a very realistic piece of equipment. What do I have to pay for such a great piece of equipment as a mom or dad? Britta Sieper: The excavator will have an RRP of €249.99. Jürgen Groh: Wow, aha. What age group does it appeal to? Britta Sieper: We have children as young as 3, 4 or 5 years old who can dig. These are certainly children who are into it. They definitely do it with their parents at that age. We have an incredible number of adults who love to dig and want to experience it. It's about recreating excavating as it takes place outside on the construction site. Loading a trailer and transporting it away.

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Electronic toy excavator: Excavating like on a real construction site

Jürgen Groh: So, it turns 360° degrees. No problem. Britta Sieper: It keeps turning too, so it doesn't actually have a restriction in it. (Scoops up the sand, raises her arm and pours it into the container) Jürgen Groh: And the mommy can definitely do it. Very nice. Where are you heading? Many companies here already have apps and are also going digital, what does that look like for you? Britta Sieper: Thanks to the technology we have at Siku Control, we are already in the area of radio remote controls, which involves a whole lot of technology. That means we do that anyway. We are already working on everything that comes in connection with other media, we have a lot of ideas for that. Jürgen Groh: But I think it's also nice if it just stays classic! Britta Sieper: Yes. Jürgen Groh: I wish you every success at the trade fair! Britta Sieper: Thank you very much!