Carrera DIGITAL 132 Racetrack

If you want to get the maximum racing experience in your living room or playroom, the Carrera DIGITAL 132 car racing track is a must. Here you can compete with friends at a high level. Messeblick.TV presenter Simone Dericks has Carrera Managing Director Andreas Stadlbauer show and explain the new products. Find out more in the video - enjoy!

MesseTV Report Carrera Digital 132
MesseTV Report Carrera Digital 132 Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

New products Carrera DIGITAL 132 racetrack

Simone Dericks: How do we get this Ferrari into our living room? I think it's a question that everyone around the world, young and old, asks themselves. And let's take a closer look at how this works at Carrera. Simone Dericks: Mr. Stadlbauer, hello to you! Andreas Stadlbauer: Hello and welcome.

Carrera car racing track
MesseTV Interview Andreas Stadlbauer Managing Director Stadlbauer GmbH

Simone Dericks: Do you still get to play during the trade fair? Andreas Stadlbauer: Sometimes I just take the time because it's so much fun. Simone Dericks: Then you switch off for 5 minutes. Andreas Stadlbauer: That's exactly how it is.

Andreas Stadlbauer Managing Director
Carrera car racing track Ferrari 488

Carrera racetrack new Porsche and tow truck

Simone Dericks: You live and breathe Carrera. What new things will we see from Carrera at the toy fair this year? Andreas Stadlbauer: As every year, we have a colorful range of new products. There's something for the little ones and, of course, for all those who enjoy Carrera as a hobby. Whether it's the new Ferrari 488 or models that have been specially requested by fans. For example the BMW M1. Simone Dericks: So you respond to customer requests? Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes, we do. We get requests via our club on the Internet. It's a bit like "make a wish" and we then try to implement it. Simone Dericks: So what has changed in the last 30 years? Andreas Stadlbauer: We ride at a speed of 25 km/h, which is very, very fast. But what has changed is the technology in the vehicle. It is located away from the track in the so-called black box. A lot has changed here: Digital technology is making inroads. We have sector measurement, we have telemetry data that we can transmit to an app. Carrera is very, very close to real motorsport. And we want to expand this even further in the future. Simone Dericks: I've been itching to get started all this time. Now I'd like to have a little race here with you. Andreas Stadlbauer: Yes of course, I'm always up for a duel. But to give you a good chance, I'm going to give you our best weapon, the Ferrari F88 GT3. You should actually win with it.

Tow truck in action Carrera Autoennbahn
Tow truck Carrera Digital 132
Tow truck wrecker Carrera car racing track

Simone Dericks: Is Carrera more of a father-son thing or are girls and mothers also into racing cars? Andreas Stadlbauer: In terms of affinity, it's more of a masculine theme. But any lady who is enthusiastic about motorsport is of course very welcome. I think the men are happy to have a charming female opponent on the track. Carrera is one of the few products where several generations can have fun together on the same level. Whether children, adults or grandparents. We naturally try to produce track parts that offer various strategic possibilities. Whether these are bottlenecks, switches or lane changes, there are various ways to make a normal track even more interesting. Simone Dericks: It's definitely a lot of fun, but I think there's some other news you have for us here? Andreas Stadlbauer: That's right. We have a wrecker. A wrecker where I can transport my Carrera cars around the track. Even with sound! It's so great, we should have a look at it now. You can now drive the tow truck. This is our wrecker, which we have specially developed. It can be used to remove almost any vehicle in the event of a minor breakdown on the track - just as it should be. To make it realistic, of course, with good sound. Let's listen to it now.