New games at the International Toy Fair 2017 Nuremberg

In an interview with Messe.TV, the CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG, Mr. Ernst Kick, sees the emerging development of Spielwarenmesse 2017 as more educational and more technological than in previous years. Nevertheless, the children's world still has important room for imagination and experience. In view of 2900 exhibitors with over one million products in 2017, it is not difficult to cover these areas to everyone's satisfaction.

The fascination of Carrera: racetracks for children of all ages

Until now, the little ones were left out when their older siblings raced their speedsters around the Carrera track. The new Carrera FIRST car racing track is suitable for children from the age of 3. It has an age-appropriate, simpler and more colorful design, uses cuddly cars and can be operated with a special hand controller for children's hands. The fascination with Carrera often lasts a lifetime. New developments such as the Carrera DIGITAL 132 racetrack or the Carrera GO!!! racetrack fuel the passion. The sales hit Turnator from Carrera RC now also lights up under the night sky and drones are connected to 3D goggles or VR glasses.

Toys for the little ones at the Spielwarenmesse 2017

Children have barely outgrown babyhood and want to prove themselves. The range of toys for the little ones starts with classic wooden toys and doesn't end with fake smartphones for delicate children's hands. And who didn't love sitting on their beloved rocking horse as a child, or didn't test the nerves of those around them with daring Bobby Car rides on cobblestones? The new Bobby-Var NEXT model offers a step up with its lights, electric horn and engine noise. Things are quieter in Brio's wood-based play world or when tinkering with an ecological wooden construction set. Oi-Blocks, for example, encourage creative play with sustainable Swiss beech wood.

No childhood without cuddly toys and dolls

Children in every culture love their cuddly toys and dolls. Accordingly, the range at the world's largest toy fair is naturally an international one. In addition to the big names such as Steiff, Nici and Schildkröt, young companies from all over the world are also represented with often unusual dolls and innovative gadgets on their soft toys. Collectible dolls, which are loved well into old age, will also be making a rendezvous at the Spielwarenmesse 2017, with dolls and soft toys for all ages on the exhibition stands. Doll love lasts a lifetime. Just as many a worn plush toy will accompany the umpteenth move.

You're never too old to play

Toys, games and play in every form are the core of the Spielwarenmesse. Board games, fantasy games, magic, music, immersing yourself in play worlds with figures - the possibilities are endless. There is a wide range on offer at the Spielwarenmesse 2017. Jazwares discovery will be demonstrating how children as young as 3 years old can playfully make music with real instruments. The tricks in the Kosmos magic box reveal how to become a magician. And you can learn how to deal with cockroaches in the cockroach duel at Schmidt Spiele. With the Gravitax pro interactive marble run, the marble run has developed beyond primary school age. Children of all ages love play worlds with authentically designed play figures anyway.

Railroad and technology construction kit

Technology kits are popular. Of course, manufacturers are moving with the times: 100-kilometer-per-hour RC vehicles are becoming virtually indestructible. Fischertechnik also lets children produce the parts they want themselves using a 3D printer, which can also be built from the construction kit system. But even components purchased 50 years ago can still be used today. Good things simply remain timeless. This also applies to the tried and tested wooden blocks. Today, modern wooden toys are assembled magnetically and connected to an app via sensors. Model trains also move with the times. Märklin brought 400 new products to the 2017 toy fair for its Märklin, Trix and LGB brands alone.

No toy fair without ToyAward

Every year since 2004, the ToyAward has been presented to new products in 5 categories at the Spielwarenmesse for their degree of innovation, product concept, creativity and play idea. The Baby & Infant, PreSchool, SchoolKids, Teenager & Adults and Startup categories were joined by the new Sustainability category in 2022. After the opening of Spielwarenmesse 2017 by CEO Ernst Kick on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, the winners of this year's Toys Awards were honored in a ceremony. The Novelty Award is a highly coveted, internationally recognized award presented by a competent jury of experts. The winning companies are highly regarded in specialist circles and on the market.

Robots, digital gaming experiences and even more technology

Programmable toys are all the rage. LEGO, the master of building blocks, combines its plug-in elements with an app, bringing robots and cats to life. With the robots from Silverlit, even children can learn to program and control the Macro Bot via smartphone. The cuddly educational robot dash from wonders workshop also introduces children aged 6 and over to this subject matter. In addition, more and more augmented reality apps are finding their way into children's rooms, making toys on tablets visible from all sides. There is no shortage of futuristic innovations at the toy fair, such as an eball 360 scooter that can even negotiate uneven terrain by shifting its balance.