Komono – Watches made from slate

Lifestyle and design play a key role in connection with watches. At Komono, we see a wristwatch lying on a slate stone. This is not just decoration. The watches are actually made of 80% slate. Curious?

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Tanja Zwetkoff Komono

Wafer-thin slate dial - each watch with an individual look

The Komono brand comes from Belgium and its watches are designed from slate stone in Antwerp. An unusual piece of jewelry, as this watch is largely made of slate. Although the watch strap looks like leather and is as flexible as one, it is in fact wafer-thin pressed slate.

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Watches Komono

The dial is also wafer-thin slate, giving each watch an individual look. The cotton fabric underneath makes the watch supple and flexible. The structure of the slate stone and the slight shimmer come to the fore. It feels like a leather strap, but is mainly made of stone. When you wear it, a little dust falls out of the strap, but over time it will feel like a leather strap.

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Komono with roots in fashion and lifestyle

Komono comes from the fashion and lifestyle sector. The target group is correspondingly fashion-conscious and trend-conscious. This is why the eye-catcher from the winter collection is so popular with both men and women.

Fashion Lifestyle Watches
Watch bracelet in stone look

The fashion label also offers a sunglasses collection aimed at younger teenagers. This will be exhibited at trade fairs in the summer.