Holzkern – wooden watches

Holzkern will be presenting wooden wristwatches at Inhorgenta. There is a large selection of woods and also beautiful combinations with a gemstone dial. The company is exhibiting at Inhorgenta Munich for the first time this year. Watch the video to find out more about Holzkern's designer wooden watches.

Gemstone watch amazonite rose quartz
Wooden wristwatch dial

Watches with a wood and gemstone core

Jürgen Groh: Ms. Kumar, the name Holzkern says it all, don't you think? Suruchi Kumar: Exactly, because our watches or the core of our watches is made of wood. Our watches are made from different types of wood. From walnut to maple, amaranth. What is special about our watches is that they are not only made of wood but also of precious stones and leather.

Mens Wristwatch Waldlauf
Suruchi Kumar Holzkern watch

Let me show you one of our favorites - the Gelassenheit watch from the Emotion collection, which is made of amaranth. What's nice about these watches is that they are extremely light and feel so warm. Jürgen Groh: I want to see and feel that. Yes, it is very light. I would probably break this ladies' watch with my wrist, I look at it like this. Let me come back to the materials. This is wood now? Suruchi Kumar: Exactly. Amaranth.

Mens watch wooden case
Suruchi Kumar Holzkern

Holzkern - Ladies' watches

Jürgen Groh: The dials are gold? Suruchi Kumar: The dial is also made of amaranth, but we also have watches where the dial is made of rose quartz or amazonite. What makes our watches special is that they also contain precious stones or marble. Jürgen Groh: What target group are you addressing with these watches? Suruchi Kumar: That's the beauty of our watches. The watches appeal to customers from young to old, both in retail and at our company, because they are so versatile. This model would be on sale now for 129 euros. Jürgen Groh: Also quite affordable. Suruchi Kumar: This is an example from the collection with the gemstones.

Wristwatch for men Holzkern
Wooden watch Amaranth

Holzkern - Men's watches

Jürgen Groh: Of course I'm also interested in men's watches! Suruchi Kumar: Of course. I will be happy to present them to you. One of our favorites among the men's watches is the Waldlauf collection. Different types of wood are used in the case. The straps are made of leather. You are welcome to take the watch in your hand. Jürgen Groh: Also very light. Suruchi Kumar: Because it's for men, it's wider and more masculine - not as delicate as the women's collection. The case is made of walnut and the strap is made of brown genuine leather. Jürgen Groh: A style all of its own.

Mens wooden watch
Watch made of precious wood

Suruchi Kumar: You always have a piece of nature on your wrist and that is also our message. Especially in this day and age, we want people to remember to take a short break for nature and not to be in a constant state of change. It is also worth mentioning that 3% of the sales of our wooden watches are used for the reforestation of forests. This is one of Holzkern's aims to connect us with nature and to do something good for nature. Jürgen Groh: One final question. You are new to trade fairs, how have things been going for you so far? Suruchi Kumar: We thought it would be a little tougher because we are new to the fair, but the first day went very well. We made a lot of new contacts, so our expectations were exceeded. Jürgen Groh: Then I hope it continues like this. Back the clock and goodbye.