CASIO watches collection G-Shock + G-Steel

The G-Shock from CASIO is a true classic that most people are familiar with. But here, too, the watch manufacturer is constantly working on optimization. What are the new additions to the G-Shock collection that will be presented at Inhorgenta in Munich?

G Shock Toughness Resist
Watch Outdoor Waterproof G Shock

G-Shock - a classic from CASIO

The G-Shock is a classic from CASIO - it stands for a robust, indestructible watch. This has been the idea behind the CASIO G-Shock brand since 1983. Even in a construction site situation or in extremely challenging moments, the watch will hold up. The watch design has evolved to include the more elegant G-Steel. It is the perfect watch for younger and stylish people. The target group of 30 - 45 year olds, who are already familiar with the watch brand, will find new appeal here with modern features, interchangeable bracelet and components. From more classic colors and shapes to more fashion-oriented ones. The G-Shock is multi-faceted. The Mudmaster model with altimeter and barometer is popular for outdoor use. Even dirt and mud cannot harm the case.

Mens watch with resin bracelet Casio
Sinan Hayik Casio Messe Muenchen

With stainless steel case and black resin strap, a very robust watch. The version with a leather strap is known as tough leather because it is abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing. The leather strap is reinforced with a resin insert. The straps undergo a machine quality assurance process, where no abrasion can be detected even after 15,000 rubbing units. It is not only the case that has to be robust, but also the watch strap.

Leather wristwatch G Shock Resist
Watch G Shock Protection

Watch with solar operation instead of battery replacement

The technical gimmicks include solar operation, so there is no need to change batteries with this model. Time settings are made via radio signal. A stop function and timer are included as standard. It is water-resistant to 20 bar. It is not yet connected to the Internet. Connected is a big issue and will probably be implemented in the future.