Michael Sporer, Moderator

Michael Sporer is known from the Bavarian radio program "Wir in Bayern". Why is he visiting Inhorgenta in Munich and what does he have to say about the Jewelry Fashion Show? Jenny Dettner from Messe.TV talks to the popular presenter.

Jenny Dettner Interview Michael Sporer
Michael Sporer Inhorgenta 2017

Silver jewelry, platinum or small diamonds

It's not just the great jewelry that attracts Michael Sporer to Inhorgenta. He also loves the Jewelry Fashion Show. Professionally, he even speaks the podcasts for the trade fair. What are his jewelry favorites? The fashion show is the presenter's favorite. However, he would prefer less distraction, with fewer pretty models and evening gowns, in order to concentrate fully on the jewelry. Discreet is his favorite. This means mainly silver or platinum jewelry. Small diamonds, worn as short as possible on the neck. For himself, he keeps it just as discreet and has always worn the same favorite wristwatch for years.