Leonardo – glass jewelry

Leonardo works towards the goal of making the world more beautiful with glass - according to owner Oliver Kleine. Many people know the brand from the decoration sector, but the company has also been making a name for itself in the jewelry sector for 10 years now. We visited Leonardo at Inhorgenta in Munich to see excerpts from the jewelry collection.

Oliver Kleine Leonardo
Jewelry stand Leonardo

Leonardo celebrates its 10th anniversary

Leonardo celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since then, the gift brand has continued to develop in its core area of glass. The question of how to make the world more beautiful with glass does not just apply to tableware and furnishings. Of course, it also applies very well to the jewelry sector.

Stainless steel chain glass jewelry turquoise
Mens bracelet from Leonardo

How can jewelry be created in a new way in combination with glass and stainless steel while remaining timelessly modern? Modularity, color and quality are the 3 characteristics that define Leonardo. Bianca Kleine is presenting a very special piece of jewelry at Inhorgenta. The necklace with the iridescent matt glass stone sparkles colorfully.

Necklace with glass jewelry matt
Leonardo Inhorgenta Munich

Sparkling necklace with iridescent matt glass stone

The fillet glass piece, the unique cut and other components create light refractions in the stone and make it glow with color. A practical clip system makes the pendant easy to replace. The pendant is set in ion-plated rose gold on stainless steel. This necklace is priced at €99.95.

Bianca Kleine Leonardo
Necklace rose gold changing

The classic in the Leonardo jewelry world is also the first piece of jewelry in the collection. This year, it is being reissued with finer color nuances and materials. The picture below right with the blue glass stones shows the newer version.

Darlins pendant Leonardo
Jewelry classics from Leonardo
Jenny Dettner Leonardo
Jewelry of stainless steel glass