IsabelleFa – jewelry flacon

IsabelleFa is best known for its necklaces and bracelets. But there is something very special at Inhorgenta - a flacon. To mark the brand's anniversary, the exclusive pieces of jewelry are available in a limited edition in the shape of the logo. Alexandre Mössner in conversation with Messeblick.TV presenter Jenny Dettner.

Alexandre Moessner IsabelleFa

5 anniversary flacons for the 25th anniversary

IsabelleFa stands above all for handmade necklaces. This year, 5 anniversary flacons are being launched on the market to mark the 25th anniversary. However, the jewelry manufactory has been around for a long time. The history of IsabelleFa began with the flacons, which are the basis for the unique pieces that will be presented at the trade fair this year using the forging technique.

Flacon Mokume Gane Gold Palladium
Jewelry Flacon IsabelleFa

This mokume-gane craft technique originates from Japan and is relatively elaborate. The unique flacons are worn on a chain. Mokume-gane is a mix of gold and palladium.

Pendant necklace palladium
Luxury Premium Jewelry

Isabelle Fa is pure craftsmanship, very high quality and exclusive. 100% handmade in the company's own manufactory remains the goal for the future.