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Anyone who chooses a watch from Bruno Söhnle attaches great importance to high quality and this is also delivered. But does the company follow the current trend and offer digital connectivity or similar features? The clear answer is no. The focus is entirely on displaying the time. This may seem unusual at first, but there is a lot to be said for it. Ultimately, it is also a question of philosophy.

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Volker Neipp Bruno Soehnle

Watch innovation from the company Söhnle

Bruno Söhnle is a good place to start if you want to enter the world of Glashütte watchmaking. The entry-level models in quartz start at €200 and go up to €3,000 for the highlight model. Fair prices that allow everyone to experience the art of watchmaking for themselves. The Frankfurt model is this year's watch innovation from Söhnle. The family business stands for Made in Germany, which is why German city names are also used for the collections. The wristwatch is equipped with a pure titanium case in which the Atelier caliber BS509 ticks. The dial also features a large date and a small seconds hand.

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Mechanical wristwatch Bruno Soehnle

Frankfurt stands for aviation, the material titanium and urban architecture. This is also reflected in the watch. Lightness through a glass watch case, you can hardly feel it on your wrist.

Watchmaking art of watchmaking Bruno Soehnle
Volker Neipp in conversation Inhorgenta 2017

Frankfurt watch collection stands for aviation, urban architecture

The Frankfurt watch collection is reflected in the quartz model right through to the automaton. The same purist design runs through the line. The same model is available with a black dial. Here you can recognize the one design language in the style of the dial. The philosophy is based on the art of the Bauhaus. Above all, the watch manufacturer wants to open up the watch and thus show the time. It does this with little steel, lots of glass and very clear readability. Digital technology will not be found at Bruno Söhnle in the future either. The wealth of experience lies in decades of watchmaking. As a family business, the family will stick to its unique selling point of classic watches.