Klaus Dittrich, CEO Munich Trade Fair

Last year's Inhorgenta in Munich was a very positive event. How did Inhorgenta Munich get off to a good start? The best way to answer this question is to talk directly to the CEO of Messe München. Messe.TV presenter Jenny Dettner in an interview with Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München. Watch our video interview.

Klaus Dittrich CEO Munich Trade Fair
Klaus Dittrich Interview Jenny Dettner

Inhorgenta Award launched

The trade fair is in a springtime mood this year, with over 5% more exhibitors. The jewelry industry is affected by digitalization, customers are increasingly buying online, and in the watch sector it is the smartwatch. From technical activity trackers to classic jewelry manufacturers, major innovations are represented here. The Inhorgenta Award, which honors the best pieces of jewelry of the year, has been launched for the first time.

Klaus Dittrich Inhorgenta Munich
Klaus Dittrich Interview at the Jewelry Fair

The CEO of the trade fair, Klaus Dittrich, talks about men's jewelry and jewelry trends for men. From tie pins to wedding rings, watches and bracelets that are increasingly being used for men.