Diamonfire - Inspired by Diamonds

They sparkle like real diamonds, but are also affordable for the smaller purse. Diamonfire therefore presents itself with the slogan "Inspired by Diamonds". The jewelry manufacturer offers rings, necklaces and ear studs for every occasion. High-quality silver combined with cut zirconia. The price is really reasonable.

Diamond jewelry
Constanze Adam Diamonfire

Affordable jewelry with zirconia stones

The Diamonfire brand is inspired by real diamonds. It pursues the look of luxurious diamond jewelry, which it does very well. For this, zirconia stones are set in 940 sterling silver with triple plating. The trend is towards fashion jewelry that is also affordable. The jewelry design of Diamonfire is classic, the special cut is responsible and unique for the radiance of the piece of jewelry.

Ring Zirconia
Silver ring zirconia stones

Cut with 750 facets. The silver is triple plated with rhodium, palladium and platinum and therefore shines like 18 carat white gold. A small light is integrated into the LED box, which illuminates the jewelry when it is opened. This makes the piece of jewelry sparkle even more.

Jewelry set with solitaire ring
Engagement ring Solitaire Diamonfire

Solitaire rings with just one stone for engagement

Solitaire rings with just one stone are very suitable for engagement. This ring has a recommended retail price of €129. The complete set with ear studs, necklace and ring is available for 89€ and offers the perfect introduction to the jewelry brand. This ring is also used individually for the engagement or for the wedding itself. There is also a Bridal Collection for the most beautiful day of your life. It includes pearl jewelry and elaborate cuts to emphasize the wedding dress and the bride.

Jenny Dettner Diamonfire
Engagement gift jewelry box illuminated

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Diamonfire will maintain its classic design orientation in the future. The solitaire items are the absolute bestsellers.